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Black text on a teal background reads, "Become a pile of good. And then, transform."
Posted September 15, 2023 by

You know how caterpillars become butterflies? They turn themselves inside out and become a pile of goo before the beautiful transformation. And the truth is, transformations can feel like that: turning yourself inside out and become a pile of goo. I’m feeling that these days. Transformative. If I look back in my career, all of my transitions have been a deepening of sorts. The shift from being a copywriter to a brand voice strategist was a deepening from words to the approach before the words. The shift from brand voice strategy to business design was a deepening from communication to […]

Black text on a yellow background reads, "Your consistency isn't inside someone else's calendar."
Posted August 31, 2023 by

There’s a lot of hype around Consistency and if you’ve read any marketing book or hovered on IG for a little too long, you’ll have been inundated with messages that say “show up x times per day!” and “post x times with x hashtags” and “make sure you’re doing xyz or you won’t get the results you’re looking for”. To this, I call bullshit…sort of. The consistency you’re looking for isn’t inside someone else’s calendar. Because your life is different from others, your capacity is different from others, your client buying cycle is different from others, because of all of […]

Black text on a yellow background reads, "When in doubt, batten the hatches."
Posted June 22, 2023 by

Some days you will wake up doubting your choice into entrepreneurship. It doesn’t matter how many figures your bank account has or the praise heaped upon you by a recent client. There will always be days. Batten the hatches when these storms blow in. Hold tight to the truths that you know. Your work is more than a passing storm. So when the doubt sets in, see it for what it is. Thunder. A grey day. An opportunity to take care of yourself. A chance to look through your “gear”. A good time to assess what you need – if […]

Black text on a teal background reads, "'No' is the road to burnout."
Posted June 15, 2023 by

No is the road to burnout. Vagueness is the road to imbalance. Yes is the road to solutions. We see this all the time in marketing.  There are the folks who will use what you don’t want as a way of connecting you with their products. They’ll touch on pain points, agitate, make it seem like you have no choice but to buy from them…or else the worst will happen. No more hustle. No more worrying about money. No more feeling like things aren’t working. I’m telling you now, No is the road to burnout.  There are also the folks who will […]

Black text on a yellow background reads, "What are you hiding from?"
Posted June 9, 2023 by

What are you afraid to look at in your business? What do you do when your coach makes you look at the thing you don’t want to look at?  Do you freak out and quit? Do you shut down? Do you stay open and talk about it but then continue ignoring the thing you don’t want to think about? Whether it’s your external marketing, your pricing, or even your schedule, we all have something in our lives/businesses we’ve been (in)conveniently glossing over.  During a Spark Intensive VIP Day with a client recently, I stopped part way through our morning session […]

Black text on a teal background reads, "What is marketing, after all?"
Posted June 5, 2023 by

I almost didn’t write this post.  All week, this is what’s been going through my head: It’s been hot. I’ve been tired. I’ve been using a lot of creative energy for other projects. I didn’t have time. I wasn’t inspired. I didn’t like any of the ideas in my Swipe File.It’s been really fucking hot. Did I say that?I could just take the week off. Maybe nobody will notice. What value do my words have anyway? (oof – brains are tricky tricksters aren’t they?)I really need to do _______ first.I’m not launching anything right now (although the Motorcycle Club doors are open for you). But ultimately what […]

Black text on a teal background reads, "Don't compare yourself to giants."
Posted May 25, 2023 by

Do not compare yourself to the giants. Your comparison will only leave you feeling mired in issues of self-worth and inadequacy. We are a species that enjoys comparison, knows comparison, thrives on comparison: us vs. them. this vs. that. We know light because we know dark and vice versa. But if you are going to compare, then compare yourself to yourself. Notice what you have done and therefore can do. Notice what you are ready for – or almost ready for – and then take the next step. These small actions are how you become bigger, better, more balanced. Notice […]

Black text on a teal background reads, "I had a meltdown about my revenue."
Posted May 18, 2023 by

A few years ago, I had a complete meltdown about my revenue. I wasn’t earning “enough”. My peers were claiming revenue 3 times mine. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I started looking for new programs, new coaches, new mindset practices, new ways of making me “better”.  I’ve been around long enough to know that isn’t uncommon. Chances are, you’ve been through this too. Maybe you’re experiencing it right now.  As anticapitalist as I claim to be, money is still important. You still need to keep your roof over your head and food on your table. Until […]

Black text on a yellow background reads, "Please repeat yourself."
Posted May 11, 2023 by

How much of your own brilliance are you sitting on? Think about it: all those blog posts, newsletters, workshops, slide decks, pitch letters, late night ideas written in the dark on your phone (hi, it’s me). A few weeks back, I caught myself telling a client to take a look at old, popular posts and repurpose them. I said things like: 💬 People are busy and they aren’t tracking💬 If they saw it and remembered it, they’ll probably like it again💬 You don’t need to create the wheel every single time And then it hit me. For the last 12 […]

Black text over a teal background reads, "You are already enough."
Posted May 4, 2023 by

You are already enough. It is not the work you do.It’s not your level of productivity.It is not your marketing game.It’s not “how figured out” you have it. None of these are what define your worth.You are already enough. Now imagine if you were to run your business with that lens, that filter, that basis FIRST, before any of your other planning, imagine what could you get done? If you held your innate enoughness as foundational to everything you do, what would you decide to do differently? How would you show up? What would you choose? Leave a comment. I […]

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