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Black text on a teal background reads, "You were meant for this."
Posted February 2, 2023 by

Your life path does not need to be linear in order for it to be right for you. You don’t need to check off boxes on some arbitrary and antiquated list. You don’t need to follow in the footsteps of people you don’t respect. You don’t need to do things the way they said you should do them when you never wanted the same results. Your life does not need to make sense to someone else in order for it to be valuable. Your business does not need to complete a set of random levels in order for it to […]

Black text on a yellow background reads, "It's normal to feel uninspired."
Posted January 26, 2023 by

Here’s the truth. I put off writing this for nearly a week. So long that my assistant pinged me to see if I’d forgotten. I hadn’t. I just felt…uninspired.  I went back through my IG posts, I looked at old newsletters thinking I might revive something, I looked through my Swipe file for ideas…and…nope. Nothing. Nada. So I decided I would just give myself permission to not write to you this week. I’m on the other side of a launch, it’s been cloudy for weeks, consistency doesn’t mean forcing something that isn’t working. Etc. We’re sold a vision that being […]

Black text on a teal background reads, "Resistance."
Posted January 19, 2023 by

Resistance is real…and far from futile. Resistance will have you scrolling Instagram and calling it outreach. Resistance will have you busy all day so that you don’t have to work on the most important thing. Resistance can fool you into thinking it’s progress. Your inner resistance wants to keep you safe. It hates the idea of feeling vulnerable, trying new things, feeling stuck in a too-tight schedule, being told what to do. Instead of pushing your way through, I want to encourage you to think about your resistance as information. If you’re resisting it, there’s a reason. You can work […]

Black text on a yellow background reads, "Come back to what you know."
Posted January 12, 2023 by

Flashback to week 2 of the most recent cohort of Foundations. We’re checking in, talking about our week, recognizing Aha moments and addressing questions that have come up. I love this program in part because it’s so completely customized to each business owner.  Anyway, here we are, checking in when one of my students jumps in and says, “actually, I want to share a big win”.  Yes it’s week 2 but, you see, we don’t fuck around in Foundations. The very first week of the program, we work on your Methodology and your Ideal Client. Right after our Methodology training, […]

Black text on a teal background reads, "Think of your business like cake..."
Posted January 5, 2023 by

My great grandfather was a baker, a really good one. In fact, one of the first to really dive into sugar crafting. Sugar crafting uses a paste-like substance (sugar paste) to mold and form different shapes. My great grandfather then subsequently my grandmother were known for their complex and gorgeous sugar flower bouquets.  Growing up, I would visit my grandma (Granny) and we’d sit together for hours, sculpting roses, forget-me-nots, carnations and more into meticulous sprays for decoration, cake toppers, and gifts.  Even as Granny’s fingers started to bend and shake, she’d sit with me while I folded, pressed, and […]

Black text on a teal background reads, "Calm the chaos."
Posted December 30, 2022 by

Less than a month ago I was speaking with a coaching client about her services suite. She had a bunch of brilliant ideas (of course) that she wanted me to co-sign. But I’m just not that kind of coach. I’ll cheer the heck out of your ideas but if it isn’t doable, viable, or realistic, I’ll tell you so. This client was in that situation. She simply couldn’t do all her ideas. Or at least, not right now. She’s publishing a book, launching a program, supporting 1:1 clients, and going through a massive rebrand. That’s more than enough. The last […]

Black text on a teal background reads, "Leaky boundaries in love and business."
Posted December 22, 2022 by

Have you ever had a relationship where you knew you needed to create stronger boundaries but didn’t know how because you didn’t want to lose them?  I know I have. I can think of at least 3 romantic relationships and a good few business relationships where I could’ve maintained better boundaries : for myself and those people. Leaky boundaries are incredibly common, especially in young love and young business.  Here’s the thing though. I think leaky boundaries are a fairly natural response to being human. It’s human nature to want to be liked. We want to be asked, invited, and […]

Black text on a teal background reads, "Feelings are as integral as facts."
Posted December 15, 2022 by

“Feelings are not facts”. I overheard myself saying this to a client the other day. Feelings are not facts. It was a full moon. My astrologer has been talking about Mars in Retrograde which has something mucky to do with our feelings and communications. There’s a lot of garbage happening in the world. There’s a lot of real scarcity in many of our social systems. AND we’re in that weird liminal space between US Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, and the New Year. No wonder we’re feeling a lot. But feelings aren’t facts, right? Well, yes and no. While true, this particular […]

Black text on a yellow background reads, "You define your success."
Posted December 8, 2022 by

A long time ago I wrote a blog post where I used the word success and turned it into an acronym. I thought at the time I was super clever. Even then I was questioning the concept of success and how it seems to be an ever-moving target. Clearly we need a  ̶r̶e̶v̶o̶l̶u̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶ redefinition.  When we think of success, most of us picture images of big houses, beach vacations, mega money in the bank, long client waitlists, jet-setting to weekend brunches just because. But let’s be real: this dream isn’t sustainable for all of us. Someone needs to clean the […]

Black text on a teal background reads, "You can't force a growth spurt."
Posted December 7, 2022 by

Depending on when you read this, my kid is going to or has just turned double digits. It’s a ginormous deal and unsurprisingly, it has me thinking about growth. Growing is a funny thing, isn’t it? We speak about growth in reference to so many different things. Size, capacity, emotional literacy, revenue, personal development. Some of these are definitive; some of them completely subjective. And that makes it tricky to know what’s true growth.  Early on in my parenting journey, we could see a growth spurt coming. The sheer amount of food consumed, the utter crankiness, and I’m not sure […]

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