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You are cordially invited to the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club

You’re a different kind of business owner running a different kind of business and you need resources that will get you from where you are to beyond those ambitious and beautiful goals.

The Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club is a hybrid coaching-course resource unlike any other. 

Now I’ve been around for a while. I’ve seen how entrepreneurs are made to choose between high-volume communities and high-ticket programs. The trouble is, what every new entrepreneur needs isn’t a choice; it’s a little bit of everything: 

  • personalized coaching and guidance for your business model, services, messaging, business strategy, copy, and more
  • emotional support as you navigate the ups and downs of being a business owner
  • actionable resources you can use to help rework your website, find your ideal client, and lean into your brand voice
  • easy-to-complete courses at your fingertips
  • accountability to keep moving forward (and to talk through the inevitable heavier stuff). 

Without any of the manipulative marketing that’s so pervasive in this industry. 

I knew I wanted to build the thing that I needed when I was starting out. 

I wanted to create something financially accessible for new business owners while still offering generous value. I wanted to create something that could move anybody’s business forward with focused attention and deep intention. I wanted to create something that made it easy for members to hop in, any time, and find the exact tool they need for their business. 

No herd-mentality curriculum. 

No hard-sell launch season. 

No pithy webinar series. 

No manipulative marketing. 


Individualized coaching around your copy, messaging, and (small and large) business decisions in a group setting, twice a month.


A personal course catalogue included in your membership dues.


24/7 access to resources. 


Momentum, confidence, clarity, and the courage to show the f*ck up. 

The Idea Is Simple


We gather twice a month to talk about what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to get done. In between, you do the work.



In order to make it easier for you to get your sh*t done, your membership to the Club includes complete access to our Club Headquarters with courses, trainings, and templates, whenever you need them. 

It’s The ULTIMATE Choose Your Own Adventure


The internet is filled with coaching programs, courses, and membership communities. Heck, I even know for a fact that a new membership community launched while I was writing this sales page

The Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club is different from your ordinary membership community because it’s designed for focus. It’s different from your ordinary coaching community because it includes a full library of resources. It’s different from your ordinary group course because it’s curriculum-free (which means you jump in wherever you most need it and you don’t have to wait until “Module 5” to get anything done OR feel rushed through something you need more time on).

The Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club is designed for impact and excitement on your terms, in your way, at your pace. It’s a place for people with high standards, strong values, and big goals. People like us. 

No motorcycle needed.

Try It Out!

Amanda Mar, pointsevenfive.ca

Helen helped me do a complete rebrand, without losing the ME that is tied into my business. Since then, she has continued to provide feedback all while encouraging growth and showing me what is to be confident and authentic in my business.

Amanda, pointsevenfive.ca

Waves Hello

I’m Helen Tremethick. For the last decade, I’ve been a brand voice strategist, copywriter, thought partner & coconspirator for entrepreneurs like you. People who want to stick out – in a good way. People who want to create change. I work with good troublemakers, misfits, revolutionaries, people who are making waves…or at the very least, want to create a bigger splash. 

These are straight-up the strategies and resources I’ve used for the last 10 years as a business owner, with hundreds of clients across industries. I’ve worked with coaches of every flavour, SaaS companies, sports medicine clinics, dog breeders, designers, makers, writers, tech startups, government agencies, nonprofits, and more. I simply don’t do cookie-cutter…and that’s why I get results.  

Whether you’re new to this whole entrepreneurship game or you want to solidify your foundation while you scale and bring on team members, the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club was made for you.


Put Your Engine In Drive. Get Sh*t Done.

You’re smart, fun, and you have a great work ethic. You have the ability to build a kickass business that thrives. You just need the right kind of distraction-free help. That’s why I’ve jam-packed the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club with goodies to get and keep you moving. 

Your monthly membership includes:

  • TWO 60-90m Hot Seat Calls every single month to bring your questions about your business, copy, offers, messaging, mindset, program modules. You can also bring any copy you’re working on for customized feedback! This is where the gold is in this program: customized support wherever you are in your business and whatever you’re working on. 


  • Copywriting templates for every page of your site
  • Foundational trainings so that you know where to get started, how to get moving, and what resources will be best for you right now
  • Whiskey Lemonade Summer Sessions : guest teachers every July & August. Because summers are a whole other kind of chaos, we’ve structured LBMC so you can sit poolside, on the porch, or even at your campground with your kids while you learn
  • Club pricing for 1:1 Distillery Sessions
  • Club pricing for the 1:1 Command Your Copy bootcamp so you can (finally) rewrite your website
  • NO PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP! Every course, every membership community, every coaching platform has a Facebook group included which means that we all spend too much time on Facebook and not enough focusing on our businesses. The Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club is created for focus…without the guilt-inducing comparisonitis that comes with watching other group members. If you’re the type of person who thrives on personal accountability (1:1 time with a coach and online forum), let me know. After 3 months of the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club, you’ll automatically be eligible for a place in the 15-members-only Moxie & Genius which provides more 1:1 support.


For only $175/month**

Start Your 14-Day Trial


** Membership dues for the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club will never be this low again so make sure you grab your locked-in-for-life price. 

This is such a valuable offer — especially for those who want to learn to do it themselves, but don’t want to reinvent the (motorcycle) wheel. It’s that perfect middle ground between going it alone or having an expert do it for you — guided learning and accountability where you need it, with freedom for creativity on your own as well.

Lacy Boggs



Motorcycle Club members get immediate access to the Club Headquarters which has every program I’ve ever created, accessible at your own pace…


F*ck Your Elevator Pitch

fyep title image

A manifesto writing course that will change the way you talk about your business for good. Write a manifesto, rewrite your bio and social profiles, and build out copy you can use across your communications platforms. 

(value $150)

Truly You

truly you title image

A course that helps you create your own brand voice roadmap for consistent messaging every time you sit down to write, no matter what you’re writing or who’s doing the writing for you or how sh*tty of a day you’re having.

(value $300)    

Copywriting Templates!

For every page on your website, you can grab a copywriting template that will help you nurture your brand voice AND connect with your ideal client. We’ll start by getting all the good words out of your beautiful brain…and then you can hop into these guidelines to organize all your thoughts. 

(value $225)


The bonuses don’t end. As the Club grows, the needs of the membership will change which means you’ll receive access to anything I create for the Motorcycle Club from now until foreverandever (at your locked-in pricing). And because the Motorcycle Club has been created to be an ongoing supportive community, you’ll also be able to make suggestions for new content based on what YOU need for your business.

Let's Ride!

Get the business coaching and resources you actually need. 

Start Your 14-Day Trial Now!

After your 14-day trial, your credit card will be charged a recurring monthly fee of $175US (or you can choose to pay $2100 annually). This will remain your exclusive membership fee for as long as you remain a member (even when dues increase — which they will!).

I ♥ Questions!


What happens after the 14-day trial?

After your 14-day trial, your credit card will be charged a recurring monthly fee of $175US (or $2100 annually). This will remain your exclusive membership fee for as long as you remain a member. This means that even when the price goes up for new members, you’ll maintain your preferred rate. You’ll then receive access to our Headquarters along with an invitation to the twice monthly live calls. 


Do I need to have a motorcycle?

Nopey nope nope. You don’t even need a driver’s license. All you need is a business, internet access, and a drive to succeed. Drive, hehe, get it?


What if this isn’t right for me? 

No problem at all! Investing in your business is a large part of being a badass CEO. If the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club isn’t right for you, you can cancel your membership at any time. Your cancellation will remove your access from the Headquarters and you’ll no longer receive invites to the group calls, Whiskey Lemonade Summer Teaching Sessions, or qualify for membership in Moxie & Genius. You will also forgo your locked-in-for-life membership rate. If you decide to rejoin in the future it will be at the current price at time of joining. 


What’s your refund policy?

Your membership to the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club can be cancelled at any time with written notice. Due to the downloadable nature of the courses and resources available in the Club Headquarters, there are no refunds for payments already processed. 


How do I access all the courses and resources?

Once you complete the application, we’ll set you up with a membership login so you can get into our Headquarters. Please keep your login credentials private as this gives you exclusive access to everything I’ve ever created. 


When are the calls? 

We meet every other Wednesday at 1pm Eastern. You’ll get the call schedule as soon as you sign up for your Trial period. That way you can hop into your first call as soon as possible.


What if I can’t show up for the calls live? 

You’ll get the most for your investment by showing up live to the calls twice a month. They will be recorded so whether you can make it or not, you’ll get the recording sent to your inbox. 


I’m new to business. Will this be a good fit for me?

Absolutely. In order to get your investment’s worth from the Motorcycle Club, it’s best if you have at least a couple of clients under your belt but ultimately, all you need to know is what you’re selling and who your ideal clients are. Most importantly, this group is a good fit for the self-directed independent spirit. If you need a little more hand-holding or 1:1 support, you’ll automatically qualify for Moxie & Genius after 3 months in the Motorcycle Club. Watch for that email!


I’ve been in business a long time. Is this too beginner for me?

If you’re still interested in working on your business to make it better and in more alignment with your values, this group will be stellar for you. Every other week, we sit down as a group to talk about what’s coming up, what’s working, what isn’t, and how to get there. This is a club for self-starters who know what they want and need a little bit of guidance to get there. 


I have another question.
Ask me anything by sending an email to hi@helentremethick.com

Let's Ride!

Start Your 14-Day Trial Now!

After your 14-day trial, your credit card will be charged a recurring monthly fee of $175US or $2100US annually. This will remain your exclusive membership fee for as long as you remain a member (even when dues increase — which they will!).

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