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Write Immigration Evaluation Reports With Impact

Congratulations are definitely in order. You’ve been working hard to help immigrant families and write the best evaluation reports you can. That’s cause for celebration in my books. But let’s not beat around the bush. We can pop the champagne later. Right now, you need clarity, direction, tweaking, a second pair of eyes, a gentle kick in the pants, a pat on the shoulder, and/or a parade held in your honor. And I’m happy to help.


Clarity Sessions are exactly that. Whether you’re new at this or you’ve been writing immigrant evaluation reports for a long time, you don’t need to do it alone. We’ll meet over Skype or Zoom whenever you need some strategic guidance, objectification, or even a hint of grammar help. 

How it works

This session is designed to help you integrate the teachings in your Immigration Evaluation Training course with hands-on feedback. 


We’ll meet in a private Zoom room and we’ll jump right into one of your reports (with the personal health information changed or removed please!). We’ll talk grammar, language, objectivity, structure, and more so that you learn while we clarify. Then around the 55 minute mark, we’ll start wrapping up. If you need to book more time, you can come right back here and do it all again. We have one hour together and we’ll focus like a freaking laser beam, so that we get the most done for your clients.


You’ll also receive a recording of our call for future reference, reviewing what we’ve addressed, and/or remembering with fondness what a great idea this was for your business.

How I Can Help

I’m a business owner, a strategist, and a creative. I know the ins and outs of businesses in a variety of industries, have held every position from radio station writer to office manager, from maker to executive director. I’ve also run my own successful online brand voice and copywriting studio since 2010 and workshopped content strategy for hundreds of business owners (and representatives of multi-national companies). I’ve built and directed teams, restructured operations, and facilitated multiple strategic planning events.   I know business, I know people, and I learned it all from the trenches. All of this puts me in a great position to help you.

Together, We Can…


tweak a recent hardship waiver evaluation for grammar and clarity


teach you how to avoid pitfalls such as unintended bias and subjectivity


structure your recent evaluations for the most impact


go through some of your own website copy


align your strategic vision with your values


brainstorm how you’ll position this new offer within your clinic


provide a sounding board for new ideas or opportunities


refine your overall messaging


nudge your brand voice toward a deeper connection with your intended audience


be a confidante and supportive pair of ears (this is big work you’re doing)


“We expected simple wordsmithing but what we received was so much more: we got clear, focused visionary messaging. This is something you cannot do for yourself. You need someone with the combined skills to listen and then distill to the essence. We now have very clear action steps, very manageable adjustments rather than a whole overhaul (which was something we were afraid of), so that we can get right back at it and keep building our business.”

Gloria Roheim McRae, Solution Strategist, Wedge15 Inc.

Investment – $400


This investment includes: 60-minutes of coaching + a recording of our time together + any work created during our session + a champion & ally in your corner.



Let’s Get Started

Click the button below to fill out the application form then select a time for our conversation. That’s it. We will meet in a private Zoom room (or Skype if you prefer). We talk. We get you into a place of confidence, empowerment, and clarity.

You got this.

Let’s Do It!

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