Helen Tremethick

Oh dang,
that was good!

Thank you so much for attending the Manifesto Masterclass!

Your donation is helping Jess navigate the ridiculous US healthcare machine while also giving her spaciousness to heal. 


Because of your generosity, I’d love to share a few more gifts with you.



Figure out what you need to focus on most/next in your business (not what some random guru says you need to focus on). Download your free Sustainability Blueprint.



Loved the Masterclass but it went too fast? Dive deep with the F*ck Your Elevator Pitch course. Just enter the code spinalshower to get this $350 class for free.



Oh, and one more thing: follow me on Instagram so I can continue to celebrate your successes. remember to tag me @helentremethick when you share your manifesto with the world.



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