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Still Struggling With What To Write? Let’s Fix That.

You know you’re supposed to be writing to your list, publishing to your blog (or Medium), and promoting all your genius thoughts at least every two weeks, right? Of course you do. We all do. But time goes by and frankly, it doesn’t get done. Why? I have a few theories:

…You don’t know what to write about …You get caught up in client work …Some big influencer already wrote a post about it …You had a great idea in the shower/middle of the night/during family dinner but now it’s gone …You can’t write when you feel uninspired …You can’t write when you don’t have a plan …You can’t write when… [ fill in the blank ] Sound familiar? First off, it’s okay. I’m not going to yell at you. If you’re anything like me (and I think you probably are), you’ve tried lots of things, including not caring how often you write but reaching out whenever inspiration hits, taking those free “grow your list” challenges, and following other people’s best-idea-ever methodologies only to feel uninspired and lagging behind. Then you quit that shit and you’re back to square one. But what if you had a plan that actually worked? Obvious foreshadowing: the Quarterly Content Calendar is your ticket out of the circle of shame.

The Quarterly Content Calendar is your content strategy and marketing plan for the next 3 months, written exclusively for you, and co-created with an expert.   It’s a content creation and marketing plan that was designed especially for you, with you, on topics that you’re passionate about, are suitable to your industry and timely for your business. This plan even comes with talking points for each post and a calendar for the next 12 weeks so all you have to do is fill in the blanks and hit publish.   And it works. Here’s proof:   Since I launched this service in 2015, dozens of busy entrepreneurs just like you have not only started writing on the topics we established and published those posts on time, but they were also inspired to write more often. This is the kind of support that helps get you unstuck so you can finally step into the limelight.

“Before my Quarterly Content Calendar sessions, I was always so stuck on what and how to write for my new target market that I couldn’t get anything complete enough to publish. So frustrating! Talking through all my ideas brought so much clarity to how I should be writing, and the outlined posts with titles made it easy to stick to the schedule and get regular content out the door. I feel so organized now and with my Quarterly Content Calendars in hand, I actually know how posts are going to build towards my bigger message…plus it’s actually getting done!” Connie Holen, Pixality Design

Here’s the breakdown…

  We’ll spend an hour talking about the ups and downs in your industry, the issues you’re passionate about, the regular questions you hear from client, and anything upcoming in your business (like that big launch). This call is recorded so you’ll have access to your articulate self, my distillation of your thoughts, and our delightful laughs forever and ever.   But that’s not all (cue music)… You’ll also receive your own customized Quarterly Content Calendar which includes at least 6 post topics complete with talking points so all you have to do is expand on each section, calendar dates for publishing and promoting, and suggestions for expanding on each of your ideas.

The Quarterly Content Calendar includes:

A 60 minute Skype session to distill your ideas into a clear action plan The mp3 recording so you can go back and listen to the sound of our beautiful voices, and also mine for content gems At least 6 topics for you to write about over the next twelve weeks. If we come up with more ideas during our session, I’ll simply add those in as Bonus Posts at no extra charge to you AND…The Quarterly Content Calendar complete with calendar dates for publishing and promoting your work   If you’re ready to stop floundering and start writing, click on the big ol’ button below then fill out the application and payment form. Once that goes through, you’ll be sent to a page confirming your payment and prompting you to book your session (you even get to choose when we talk). After our chat, you’ll receive your Quarterly Content Calendar and call recording within three business days. Which is just enough time to squeeze out an extra post preparing your list for your awesomeness.   Total cost: $500* *That works out to only $40 per week for a marketing plan created just for you. Now think about what not having a plan is costing you in business.

Are you ready to stop hiding and start writing?

Click the button below to fill out the application form then select a time for our conversation. That’s it. We meet on Skype or Zoom. We get you planning for the future. I’m sorry, did somebody say traction?

Let’s go.


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