Helen Tremethick

Figure out what’s going wrong in your business and fix it…NOW

Running a business is already hard;
trying to be someone else while you’re doing it is exhausting


Most days, growing your business is a process that takes time. Little action by little action.

But sometimes – these times – you need to make a change NOW. You’re done with conforming to others’ expectations (or templates and best-selling marketing books), all to make sure that you’re…palatable. Your business is shifting and you’re fed up with doing things the way some guru said, the way that never really felt quite right for you.


A Spark Intensive isn’t a Rebrand; it’s a Pivot, a Purpose, and a come to freaking Jeebus moment.


On the one hand, you want to be a rebel, break free, do what feels aligned for you. On the other, you need to pay the bills, you want to be liked, you want to be wanted by clients, and you don’t want to rock the boat too hard.

Here’s the beauty!
Both of those can be true at the same time and both can happen for you and your business.

You can break free, doing work that’s aligned with your values and goals while also attracting your right fit clients. No more hiding. No more hedging.


Spark Intensives are all about making the impact only you can make with:

  • Alignment to who you are – and your right people 
  • Actionable goals inside a plan you can actually achieve 
  • Accountability because, honey, you’re not supposed to do this alone

Carmen Schreffler, marketing coach, wearing a white blouse and standing in front of some greenery. She is looking directly at the camera.

What held me back this past year, other than TIME, is KNOWING that I wanted to bring more of who I am as a whole to my business and getting lost in the labyrinth of my own mind. What I needed wasn’t only help with the words. What I needed was help SEEING me more clearly and then bringing that forward. 

Carmen Schreffler


The Goods

This is so much more than one simple day. It’s an ongoing experience that brings personalized Alignment, Action, and Accountability to your business. 



We start your Spark Intensive with a 1-hour Prioritization Call. 
Far too many coaching VIP Days spend the first part of your day getting to know each other and THEN creating a plan of action. This means that you’re spending time in the shallow waters of meet-and-greet when you could actually be getting shit done.

A few days before your scheduled Intensive, we’ll hop on a Prioritization Call so that I can get to know you, your business, your ideas, your challenges, and what’s most important to you right now.

Some of the questions I’ll ask are:

  • What are your plans for this year?
  • What’s working? What’s not working?
  • Do you have any launches coming up?
  • What do you love about your brand?
  • …and so much more

We’ll make a list of focus items so that when we begin our Spark Intensive together, we can jump right in the deep end. CANNONBALL!



We’re aligned, we’ve eaten breakfast, we’re ready to rock. No fussing around, no writing a To Do List.

It’s your Spark Intensive and we have 6 hours of awesome in front of us. This day is often segmented into 2 hour sessions with short breaks in between. We’ll have lunch and snacks and time to pee of course. We aren’t robots.

These sessions are recorded so that you can come back to our genius (and laugh at our witty jokes) anytime you want. More importantly, it means that you can stay focused knowing that even if you miss something, you can still go back and find it. 

But that’s not all. 

After your Intensive, I’ll send you an Action Plan based on the action items we’ve talked about throughout the day. These are things you can easily do or delegate – and most importantly are a good fit for your focus right now. Print out your Action Plan and check it off one-by-one according to the reasonable schedule we set. Hello, calm and easy progress.



Entrepreneurs will often find themselves in an immersive coaching environment where big ideas are bandied about like candy on Halloween only to get back into the office a week later feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do. This is why Spark Intensives include accountability parameters so that you don’t feel alone, lost, or like all you’re doing is chasing a shiny idea with no rationale.

  1. We always make sure your Action Plan makes sense for you, your business, your goals, and your clients AND it’s achievable through small, consistent steps
  2. With your Spark Intensive, you get a 1-hour Accountability Call one month later to talk about what’s working, what’s not, what needs tweaking, and what supports you need in place to make the progress you want.


That’s 8 hours of 1:1 coaching, an achievable Action Plan, oodles of confidence, and a plan for the future that is aligned, embodied, and supercharged with your business’s superpower: you.


Shelby Wagner, leaning against a silver grey wall smiling at the camera

Working with Helen was like a good kick in the pants! She came prepared to ask powerful questions that helped me get my brain unstuck. During our session I was able to see the thoughts that had been holding me back for weeks. It was the exact shift I needed to uncover the right next step in my business, and gave me added courage to start experimenting with my ideas.

Shelby Wagner


Screw the sales spiel. What can you actually achieve with a Spark Intensive?


One client said “I got more done on my business in one Spark Intensive with Helen than I did all last year”. Shucks, right? But let’s break that testimonial down.

This particular client was interested in bringing more of themselves to their work. They felt like they’d been hiding behind a mask of how they “should” present themselves to the world. Add to that, years of being in business gave them an existing online persona. They were struggling between not wanting to alienate their existing clients through a massive messaging pivot and knowing that they needed to be more in integrity in their work and life. 


These are the results from their Spark Intensive*:

Prioritized messaging and business model with room for website copy & content marketing
Created a new offer that fits their expertise and need for spaciousness
Built out service tiers & deliverables
Defined a clear audience persona for the new offer
Drafted copy for the new offer
Wrote a manifesto
Repurposed the manifesto into more amazing website copy
Brainstormed content marketing pieces for social, blogging, and Medium articles
Changed existing website copy to fit their new brand
Established clear values for discerning new offers & prospective clients
Created a list of Phase 2 & 3 actionable goals
*mileage may vary…obvs


The beautiful thing about this process is that it’s completely customizable to where you are in your business, how you define success, and what you need next to achieve your goals.

Fuck business as usual

There’s a fundamental shift that happens when you spend a full day focusing and working on what you do, who you serve, how you’ll offer your genius, how you’ll talk about it, what words need to go on your website, what possibilities lie in front of you…and so much more. This goes beyond goal creation and action planning; this is a new way of BEING in your business.

Spark Intensives get you thinking about your goals then moving toward them with focus, intention, and alignment. And because progress is our primary mandate over here, we’ll start with a Prioritization Call to talk about your business, challenges, and goals then we’ll bookend our time together with an Accountability Call one month later to ensure you’re on the right track, you have the supports you need, and you’re celebrating every single win along the way.

Spark Intensive

It’s more than a few hours of planning
It will change how you do business

Total Investment: $5000*

*If you’re a Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club member, don’t forget to add your special discount code at checkout


Ready to book your Prioritization Call?

Right this way, beautiful human


Not sure yet? Let’s chat to find out if a Spark Intensive is the right solution for you

Here’s a thing or two about me


I’m Helen. I’m a brand voice strategist, business coach, mother/maven who helps entrepreneurs like you find the courage, confidence, and clarity they need to grow and scale their businesses. 


Since 2011, I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners to clarify their messaging, copy, business models, and transform their self-confidence while doing so. I don’t do “fill in the blank” templates because your business is worth the personalization, customization, and respect. Enter my Love & Badassery framework that makes sure that you get all of that and more. It’s your unique balance between the quality and care you put into every project and the quirky badass self you’re ready to bring to the world.


Spark Intensives are for folks like you: people who want to go deeper, do more, be more, and make more progress – with integrity and a loving fierceness like never before.

The recalibration you need to achieve your biggest (truest) goals

When doing this by yourself has left you feeling stagnant or worse, circling the drain, you need a thought partner you can trust with your biggest ideas. Someone who will help nurture the viable seeds, celebrate every sized win, and ask the tough questions that help you access your brilliance. Someone who will simultaneously high five the piece of you that’s fed up with hiding in the shadows, and help you break free from your old patterns.


You are the magic in your business.
It’s time to highlight that magic so you can thrive.


Jo Casey, smiling at the camera and holding a mug that says Votes for Women

I’m relieved to finally feel like I’m back in the saddle of my business – yay!

Jo Casey


kira hug, a white woman holding a can of spray paint toward the camera

Everything Helen says, does, touches, writes, creates has integrity, purpose, and a powerful voice. It’s like her aura and words attract fellow leaders who want to use their voice to create more impact in the world. She’s a total pro…and I not-so-secretly want to be besties with her.

Kira Hug


When you align yourself with your brand, you know what gets easier? Everything.


Talking about your business to prospective clients, podcasters, conference organizers
Deciding whether a new offer is right…or not
Noticing red or yellow flag clients…and attracting the green ones instead
Figuring out what to write for blog posts, on Instagram, Facebook, Medium + all your other social platforms
Writing your website copy, every time it needs to be updated
Breathing at night…knowing that you don’t have to wake up, punch in, and grind your way through another day of not-quite-right-ness


Sounds real good, doesn’t it?
Yep. That’s what happens when you give your business the Spark Intensive treatment. 

Spark Intensive

It’s more than a few hours of planning
It changes how you do business

Total Investment: $5000*

*If you’re a Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club member, don’t forget to add your special discount code at checkout


Ready to book your Prioritization Call?

Right this way, beautiful human


Not sure yet? Let’s chat to find out if a Spark Intensive is the right solution for you

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