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You have better things to do this summer than think about your website…


Sign up to Copy Courage before July 5 2019 to receive free access to Fuck Your Elevator Pitch, the DIY program that supercharges the way you talk about your business. (value $149)

This course is the perfect jumpstart for summer:
It’s easy & mobile so you can do it poolside, sipping bourbon lemonades while your kids frolic on that ridiculous inflatable unicorn.   


Yum, Lemonade

Overwhelm is soooooo 2018


Now that we’re half way through 2019, you’re probably looking at your Big Plan trying to figure out when you’re going to fit in that rebrand and it certainly isn’t summertime when you’re juggling kids and clients and summer vacations. When you’re already busy in your business, writing (or rewriting or rebranding) your site falls to the bottom of the priority list.


But there’s still time. You can change those feelings of nervous, unsure, frustrated, etc. into something you can really work with: inspired, motivated, confident. 2019 can still be your year to put that Big Plan into action. 

Copy Courage is a super-charged, bootcamp-style, group experience with 1-on-1 coaching to deepen your learning.


Go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling like you’re the freaking Boss. Because you are. You just forgot for a moment. Every week for 13 weeks, you’ll dedicate some time to focusing on you, your business, your services, and how you show up in the world. 


You’re ready for:

  • the ability to write about your business, your services, and your distinct advantage NO MATTER WHAT YOU’RE WRITING
  • a deeper understanding of your business and its trajectory
  • a clear brand voice with a Brand Voice Roadmap of your own for any future writing you’ll need to do
  • strategic focus on what needs work and what’s going well
  • Home, About, Services, Contact, and Error page copy
  • 3 group calls to address any questions that come up throughout the course
  • complete access to a member-only network
  • plans for your editorial calendar (so you don’t have to remember OR think about what else you’re going to write)
  • new business friends and allies 

  • PLUS a 1:1 Clarity Session to refine and align your brand new copy


Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars hiring a copywriter to do the writing for you. Or you could learn how to write for good. 


Enjoy the summer with your website checked off your list

When you are ready to show up for your business

When you are ready for your website to look, sound, and feel like you

When you are ready for your website to become your very best salesperson…24/7

You are ready for Copy Courage 

Carmen Schreffler, marketing coach, wearing a white blouse and standing in front of some greenery. She is looking directly at the camera.

Copy Courage gave me the freedom to play with my website! I loved making changes to the website live, knowing that I can always make corrections and pivots when I need them. 

Carmen Schreffler, Marketing Maven

About Helen Tremethick

I’m that person who has held every imaginable position from volunteer to Executive Director, and facilitated everything from visioning and strategic planning sessions to Board Development days. I know what it’s like to communicate a bold idea to a large (or small) audience. The tools I use as the foundation of The Communications Distillery are the tools I bring to every client session: an ability to see beyond the overwhelm, translate big thoughts into clear copy, and guide you through the muddle into your own well-deserved success.

I created Copy Courage for visionaries like you.


Commit to your website before the year is over

& get Fuck Your Elevator Pitch as a bonus poolside offer (but only until July 5).  

This intimate program has only 20 spots available.
Make one of them yours.

Total Investment: $2500

(We start September 16th 2019)

Get It Done

Questions (now with answers!)


The next session of Copy Courage starts September 16th 2019.
We’ll have one Welcome Call, one middle check-in, and one Final Call. If you can’t make the calls, you can always catch any of the replays. Individual coaching calls are booked individually and are only valid during the course of the program. Additional Clarity Sessions can be purchased at any time.
Copy Courage is designed to have the same results as Command Your Copy.  There are however, a few distinct differences. Copy Courage is a group program so that you can get feedback and energy from your co-participants. It’s incredible to see what peer feedback can do for your brand. Instead of a half-day immersion, participants in Copy Courage will receive 3 group calls and a 1:1 Clarity Session. This gives you the opportunity to get real-time feedback on your new copy or any questions that have come up during the week. 

Since Copy Courage is a group format, I’m able to provide a deep discount to this methodology…so it’s also a choice that’s easier on your budget.

You already know that a consistent brand voice is the key to connecting deeply with your ideal clients. When you get that right, they’ll know immediately that you’re the one for them. The Brand Voice Roadmap is a style guide…for your words. A touchstone, if you will. We use the two immersive Strategy Workbooks to get crystal clear about your business and a Brand Voice Roadmap to finding the words for your work, your business, and your brand.

It’s the exact template I use for every one of my copywriting clients and it includes your Guiding Principles to keep you get clear on why you do this good work, a list of words and ideas that represent you and your business, phrases pulled directly from your Workbooks so that you can remember what it feels like when you’re writing in a way that connects (and therefore, converts), and a Brand Persona to help hone in and experience your business as an entity. You can use your Roadmap as a guide for every piece of content you’ll write and with it, your writing will become more clear, more consistent, and best of all, more you.

Here’s a fun fact. Most of the designers and developers I partner with WANT THE COPY FIRST. When they use your freshly updated copy to influence their designs, you get a beautiful marriage between all the aspects of your website. If you’re DIY’ing your design, that’s cool too. You’ll write your copy with an idea of how you want your website to look then put the design elements in place once your copy is polished and ready to go. 
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