Have you ever drawn out your clients’ journey?

Let me rephrase. One of the things I see over and over again in my clients’ business models is a disconnect between their clients’ feelings and circumstances…and the services they offer. On the one side, there’s the services they want to offer (the services they’re good at providing) and on the other side are their clients. The disconnect is in the middle.

The middle is often where folks get confused. How do your people move through your work? What are the benefits for them? What do they need to hear for them to know you’re the solution?

When you don’t have the answers to these questions, you end up with a messy middle.

This messy middle ripples throughout your business foundations. It makes it difficult to market your offers, it makes it difficult to write your copy, it makes it difficult to price your services, and it makes it difficult to know whether or not the offers you’re selling are what your people want/need.

So what can you do to make this easier on yourself and your clients?

Draw it out. Write it down. Give yourself a picture of the transformative process of your work.

Where are they in the beginning? How does that feel? Where do they move to next? What decisions do they make along the way? What is their end goal? How will they know they’ve been successful?

Recently, a Moxie & Genius client (the second tier of the Motorcycle Club) drew out their client journey on a whiteboard in their office. What we discovered in this process was that there was an entire segment they’d been missing. That they could speak to their clients far earlier in their transformation process thereby giving my client a longer runway for marketing to their ideal people.

Once you can see their journey – once you’ve mapped it out – then you begin to see what they need to hear, what they need in terms of solutions, and where you might be able to fill gaps along the way.

Get your markers out. This is an art project that will help your business grow.

And if you need help, this is exactly the kind of thing we can talk about in a Spark Intensive. I have only one available in May. Is it yours? Book a call to find out if it’s a good fit