Helen Tremethick

Helen Tremethick

Brand Voice Strategist & Business Coach

The secret to growing your business isn’t in a magic formula or stuffed into a fill-in-the-blank template or passed down from one guru-preneur to another. It’s far more simple…and original than that:  

People don’t choose what you do. They already know they need that.

They choose YOU. They choose who you are, because you’re the right fit for them. 


Learn how to communicate who you are and how you serve to your right people and BINGO BANGO, you’ve got a growing business.


For over a decade, I’ve helped growing and scaling entrepreneurs connect faster, better, and easier with their audiences whether they’re online, at a networking event, or simply having dinner with friends. Hundreds of quirky, honest, radical, brilliant business owners just like you, working to build profitable, values-driven businesses with just the right amount of sass and strategy (or Love & Badassery).


You don’t need some random person to simply write a bunch of words for your website. You need to represent your company in a way that is relevant, truthful, and impactful.


This about more important than filling a page; this is your livelihood. Which is exactly why I know that you have what it takes to make it happen.


Learn more about how I can help you grow the business you’ve always wanted…your way

This Is Me

I’m a generalist, a lifelong learner, and frankly, quite anti-authoritarian which is all to say that I simply don’t do cookie cutter. In high school, I was the kid who wrote ad spots for radio. I went straight to college for Radio & Television Broadcasting then a few years later, found myself in university studying International Development/Anthropology. Communication + Real Solutions for Real People. 

Since way back then, I’ve taught hundreds of business owners (and representatives of multi-national companies) how to connect with their audiences. I’ve built and directed teams, restructured operations, and facilitated multiple strategic planning events. I know business on an intimate level but more importantly, I know how you need to communicate with your people.

Outside of this sweet deal, I am a mother, a partner, a country dweller, and a storyteller. I live and love on a permaculture farm/education centre. I believe integrity is nothing without action. I like biting cherries right off the tree. I have a huge soft spot for people doing good work. Maybe that’s you. If so, let’s talk.

Helen is the combination of a Pulitzer Prize winning wordsmith + a psychologist’s psychologist + a human centered designer + a wizard.


Awww, shucks…

Grow your business by connecting to its most important asset: you.


You Got This

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