Helen Tremethick

Helen Tremethick

Business Strategist for
Well-Established Yet Weary Entrepreneurs

The secret to growing your business isn’t in a fill-in-the-blank template or a magic formula passed down from one 8-figure guru-preneur to another. It’s far more simple & original than that:  


Your people don’t choose you because of what you do. They already know they need that.

They choose YOU. They choose who you are, because you’re the right fit for them. 


helen standing in a field with her arms crossed looking at the camera

When you build a business that has a strong foundation (a clear methodology, defined ideal client, aligned services, and marketing strategy you can stick to), you give your people the best opportunity to see you, know you, trust you, and buy your freaking stuff. 


Simple…but not always easy.


Because there’s an entire industry out there that sells superficial programs with glittery marketing. There are templates by the dozen for easy download. There are new marketing trends every week tempting you away from your plan.


These don’t have the integrity you have. They don’t have the YOU-ness. They don’t have your magic, your mojo, or your “unique value proposition”.


You can (and will) do better. 


No more compromising…

your values for your profit


your profit for your values


Grow the business you’ve always wanted…your way

Show Me How

I Believe In Both/And

  • I’m an anti-capitalist human who believes you need to get paid while you smash the system
  • I’m as comfortable in the city as I am living on our permaculture farm with my sweet family
  • I’m a first generation queer Canadian in a cis-presenting relationship & I have the privilege of living in a white, non-disabled, medium-sized body
  • I’ve been in business a long time & I learn something new every day

I’m a Holistic Business Coach. That means I don’t separate you from your business. We integrate. Because if you want to exceed those gorgeous goals then we need to create a plan that works within your capacity, circumstances, and values.

For over a decade, I’ve helped hundreds of quirky, honest, radical, brilliant business owners just like you, build profitable, values-driven businesses with just the right amount of strategy and sass (or Love & Badassery).

I know from experience that you can have both Impact & Integrity in your business. If you ever feel you need to choose between the two, choose you. 

Let’s get to it…

Join the Club!
The Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club provides ongoing, holistic support for you & your business

Co-Creative Coaching
When you need 1:1 strategy, accountability + impact to get to your big, beautiful goals faster

Speaking & Teaching
Online or in-person, I love providing actionable anti-capitalist, wholehearted business advice

Helen is the combination of a Pulitzer Prize winning wordsmith + a psychologist’s psychologist + a human centered designer + a wizard.


Awww, shucks…

Grow your business by connecting to its most important asset: you.


You Got This

Is your business set up for long-term success?

Download a copy of the Beyond Sustainability Blueprint to discern your next aligned actions.

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Building a successful business takes more than guts and gumption, especially if you want your business to pay the bills and be a force for good in the world.

Grab your anti-capitalist flag & download your copy of the Beyond Sustainability Blueprint. Because you deserve to make money while you kick the system’s butt.

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