Helen Tremethick

“Burn it down” isn’t good business strategy but when something’s gotta give…

It’s usually because you need more from your business.


You’ve spent a long time building the business of your dreams. You’re successful, by all accounts. But now that you’re here, there’s something missing. Well-established…but weary. Successful…but unsatisfied.

Wasn’t the promise that once you got here things would be easier? 

We could spend our time together talking about revenue, but isn’t that what all the other coaches talk about? Scale your business, growth strategy for multi-figures, marketing hacks that’ll 10x your investment.

Not here.

Here we talk about embracing your needs. We talk about your personal goals, your creative capacity, your time for being a human in this world. Here we talk about somatic alignment and turn well-established & weary into successful & spacious.

(oh yeah – that’s the shiz right there)


Because business isn’t just business anymore. We’re here to turn livelihood into thrivelihood – without compromising your values or who you truly are.



This is how we do it…

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The Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club is a group coaching community for your whole business

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When you need 1:1 strategy, smart tactics, accountability + impact to get to your big, beautiful goals faster

Speaking & Teaching
Online or in-person, I love providing actionable anti-capitalist, wholehearted business advice

Ushering people toward, “omg that’s it, yes!” since 2010.

Need a little help figuring out “oh shit what’s next?

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Building a successful business takes more than guts and gumption, especially if you want your business to grow in a way that doesn’t lose you in the process.

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