Helen Tremethick

Bring your weird & wonderful…
and I’ll show you how to get paid

Because fuck compromise.


When your unique magic, methodology, offers, and marketing are in alignment, your business not only MAKES MORE MONEY, it FEELS DAMN GOOD

Grow your business by owning your brilliance, your capacity & your inner weirdo…
without manipulation, sleezy sales, or hopping on a marketing trend that doesn’t feel like you.

(oh yeah – that’s the shiz right there)


You beautiful misfit, you were born to take over the world.
It’s time to get paid without compromising your values or who you truly are.



This is how we do it…


Join the Club!
The Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club provides ongoing, holistic support for you & your business

Co-Creative Coaching
When you need 1:1 strategy, accountability + impact to get to your big, beautiful goals faster

Speaking & Teaching
Online or in-person, I love providing actionable anti-capitalist, wholehearted business advice

This isn’t boring, beige business.

This is your business, your clients, your way, done well.

Convincing people to say, “oh good gracious yes!” since 2010.

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Get inspired by 31 successful entrepreneurs & how they found their voice, their courage, and their confidence.

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