Helen Tremethick

You’ve already got what it takes to build a thriving business. 

All you need is a little help to get you there. 

Your business doesn’t need another guru or template. You’re a visionary, a rebel, a misfit, a revolutionary. You know this, I know this, and your business will thrive when you build the confidence, clarity, and courage to show the f*ck up for your people – in your messaging, in your copy, in your business model, in your marketing, and in your conversations with clients.


When you sound like the expert you truly are – online and off – your clients will do what you’ve been wanting them to do this whole time:


from the rooftops.


That’s what you want. It’s what we all want.

Imagine how your business would change if your audience already knew for certain that you’re the person for them…

Oh yeah – that’s the shiz right there. 


No more ho-hum for you, you beautiful misfit. You were born to take over the world.

The Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club is action for your goals

Co-Creative Coaching
When you need 1:1 momentum, accountability + impact

Speaking & Teaching
Online or in-person, I bring the goods + I wear great shoes



This isn’t boring, beige business.

This is your business, your clients, your way, done well.



Convincing people to say, “oh good gracious yes!” since 2010.

How do you grow your business while being authentically you?


Find out from 31 entrepreneurs who share their behind the scenes stories of how they found their voice, their courage, and their confidence.


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