Helen Tremethick

People say really nice things about me & sometimes I put their words on my website


The gifts of Helen are as deep as they are wide…and yet, when I describe how she works and what happens within that work, I always return to the potency of ONE particular thing that she does extraordinarily well above all else.


And in that seeing, all is revealed, all is available and all is clear. Which feels like sweet relief and FREEDOM.

If you can, you must find your way to work with her.

Tanya Geisler – Leadership Coach tanyageisler.com


As a business owner, Helen is an amazing service provider who delivers quality work, on time and on budget. Helen created the brilliant slogans for my company Camp Tech. Helen’s content strategy and copywriting services are the perfect compliment to my designs. The websites we’ve collaborated on are some of my favourites in my portfolio. Helen is a kind, thoughtful, wonderful person. Really, you’d be silly not to work with her.

Avery Swartz – Technology Consultant & Founder of Camp Tech averyswartz.com


Helen is a leader in our copywriting space and what many of us call “good people.” Everything she says, does, touches, writes, creates has integrity, purpose, and a powerful voice. It’s like her aura and words attract fellow leaders who want to use their voice to create more impact in the world. She’s a total pro at strategy, copywriting & community development. And I not-so-secretly want to be besties with her.

Kira Hug – Copywriter, Podcaster, Awesome Human Being kirahug.com


Helen’s synthesis, conclusions, and packaging of the entire session/experience is so accurate and useful; it truly feels like magic. Her keen ability articulate my unique dynamic’ism to a T, was uncanny!!! Helen is the combination of a Pulitzer Prize winning wordsmith + a psychologist’s psychologist + a human centered designer + a wizard.

Erika Backberg – UX & Systems Designer, Eco-Jeweller, Multipotentialite erikabackberg.com


I’m pretty good at writing my own copy. I also know that I am way too close to my copy and my work to tweak and optimize so that it converts even better. That’s when I turn to Helen for copy coaching. She’s able to see my copy the way my ideal client would see it. She’s able to recommend changes that make my copy 100 times easier for my ideal client to get, and see themselves in. Ultimately, those changes make people want to work with me!

Dr. Michelle Mazur – Speech Coach, 3 Word Rebellion drmichellemazur.com


That was some DEEP work! It was challenging, and interesting and good. And hard! It really made me inquire into myself and I actually had some pretty profound insights about how I move through the world. That was a pretty awesome side effect of finding my brand voice!

Kellie Bonnici – Website Designer kebocreative.com


The truth is that I CAN write for myself now, thanks to Helen. I now know what my voice sounds like, and what does make somewhat good copy and what really doesn’t make good copy. Of course, even though you might learn to write for yourself, you really should just hire Helen because who on earth wants the headache of having to write for themselves??!! Basically, Helen is the buttered toast of the writing world and we would all be sunk without her.

Dr. Sarah Mickeler – Prenatal Chiropractor, Founder of West End Mamas westendmamas.ca


Helen is true to her name. She is true to your brand. She distills. We expected simple wordsmithing but what we received was so much more: we got clear, focused visionary messaging. We have been carrying the weight of cloudy messaging for the last six years and she lifted the weight off our shoulders, leaving us feeling joyous to leave things behind and excited about moving forward with only that which matters most. This is something you cannot do for yourself. You need someone with the combined skills to listen and then distill to the essence. We now have very clear action steps, very manageable adjustments rather than a whole overhaul (which was something I was afraid of), so that we can get right back at it and keep building our business.

Gloria Roheim McRae – Co-founder Wedge 15 wedge15.com


I had The Communications Distillery edit the manuscript for an e-class and I was joyfully surprised over and over by her patience, attention to detail, and level of support. Helen’s revisions were bang-on, and she delivered them in such a way that made me smile and laugh. She actually made grammar fun! Her edits and feedback were beautifully professional, practical, and compassionate. My class now reads smoothly, and I enjoyed every step of the process. I’d hire her again in a second.

Chris Kay Fraser – Creative Writing Coach & Workshop Facilitator fireflycreativewriting.com


Helen is a writing genius – I have hired Helen on more than one occasion and she has helped me to develop, tailor, and fine-tune a variety of publications for my business. She makes the process simple, easy, and effortless [‘joyous effort’]. She is quick, effective, and efficient and combines this with highly creative writing solutions–such a beautiful combination. Most of all, Helen is such a joy to work with; like a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend Helen for any business writing you may need. I guarantee you I will be back again.

Paula Pyne – Mindful Leadership Coach upliftconsulting.com


I own a couple of small businesses where I work with creatives on a regular basis. Helen is one of my favourite people to work with. I am in awe of how she uses language to communicate my brand’s message. I have high expectations and she always exceeds them, which is not an easy thing to do. I think this is partly because she really takes the time to listen to me and my vision. She invests extra time at the beginning of a project, which really shows in the final copy. Helen handles herself as a professional in the way she communicates with me, arranges the content and meets her timelines. I am thankful for the way she has propelled my businesses forward with her exceptional writing.

Lina Neufeld – parkridgegoldendoodles.com cobblehillsoap.com


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