Helen Tremethick

Want to feel great about your business and make a shit tonne of money without feeling like you’ve sacrificed yourself?

Cool. I want that for you too.

Friend, misfit, mischief-maker…we both know that you are better than “template“.


Let’s face it: marketing your business can feel like a shifty game that’s rigged against you (especially if you don’t come equipped with princess hair and generational privilege). There’s even walls of books and a whole internet filled with webinars that will tell you that all you have to do is apply a specific formula to get to 7+ figures. I call bullshit.


The problem with all the formulas and templates is they make you sound, well, formulaic and template-y. And that’s not you. You’re different and that’s a good thing. It’s the reason your people choose you. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a system…if it works in your favour. It’s time to change things up so that it does. 


You can do your business, your way.
The only question is, do you prefer to work with groups or 1:1?



There are some big glittery brands out there who will convince you into a group coaching program only for you to find yourself lost in the crowd, another number, without any access to the leader. That doesn’t happen here. On purpose.

I want you to grow your business, your way, which means regular feedback on your copy, messaging, and business decisions as well as immediate access to the resources you need (as you need them). 

We’ll talk brand voice, content strategy, copy that connects + converts, alignment and most importantly, how to level up in a way that makes you feel in love with your business again — and not like another Stepford Wife (or glitter boss) jumping through marketing hoops.


Check out the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club




There are times you need to jump right into the deep end and, friend, I am a deep water swimmer. Bring your biggest ideas, your dooziest challenges, the places you feel not-so-aligned or not-so-sure and we’ll bring you from mess to momentous.

From your foundational brand voice and content strategy to your newest sales copy or your entire website, this is the place you go to when you need clarity and distillation around your copy, your messaging, and your big (or small) business decisions.

1:1 coaching can look like an hour-long Clarity Session, a 2-week copy bootcamp, or even something more customized.


Business coaching that finds your right solution (and doesn’t make you smush into some ill-fitting formula)

Hell To The Yeah!

Your voice, your words, your business, your way.


Running an event or have an idea that’s rather unique?

Shoot me a line and tell me all about it.

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