I’ve got big feels right now, including righteous anger, judgement, and desperate frustration. When I see rich white male folks in power making decisions they know nothing about! that will actively harm millions of lives, it makes it kinda hard to focus on my own page, my own business, my own profitability.

So when I sat down to write to you, I wanted to come back to a topic that’s dear to my heart:  how to be anti-capitalist but still get paid (and feel okay about it)

Because we’ve seen over and over again how money means power…and power means legal control over others.

Many many many of my clients come to me with money stories. We are people who came from struggle. We are people who criticize capitalism. We are people who see the increasing imbalance between those who have and those who never will. We are people who feel uncomfortable about the decisions many wealthy folk make with their money.

Those stories make it really freaking difficult to build a business that thrives: profitably, healthily, regeneratively.


I want to remind you/me/everyone, there’s a difference between capitalism and money. Capitalism is a system that uses the exploitation of people, resources, and labour for profit. The system thrives off a hierarchical model where the workers (especially the global majority) are kept poor and powerless.

Money is the neutral tool we use for exchange. We can do good things with money. We can do atrocious things with it. The question is: what you do when you have the choice? Do you buy a social media channel or vaccinate the planet?

(disclaimer: we are all part of the system and sometimes we buy from the baddies. I will never ever shame that decision)


I’ve asked before: if you made a gazillion dollars tomorrow, what would you do? Would you build a p3nis ship to space? Probably not. You’d feed, clothe, fresh water the world, you’d increase funding to social services, give giant anonymous donations, care for the forests and/or the bees by protecting the land and while you’re at it, you’d probably get a few more massages. Right?

Money is neutral. What you do with it, how you use this powerful exchange tool is what matters.


Being aware of your money story and how it might be getting in the way of your business model is important. Seeing where you can make changes is important. Taking those actions so you can build more capacity, more stability, and a bigger positive ripple throughout your community is integral. Especially if you – like me – want to create actual change in this world.

Join me for Foundations Prep School. We’ll make sure you have the structure in place to grow, pivot, and attract your right people. We’ll build your services suite to feed your family and nurture your spirit. We’ll increase your clarity, confidence, and profitability. It’s 7 weeks to a business built to thrive.

This is how we’re going to change the world. One strong business, one happy business owner, at a time.


Speaking of good values-based folks…I had a great conversation with India Jackson the other day on the Flaunt Your Fire podcast. We talked about brand voices, authenticity, avoiding feeling like a copycat, and all around practicing what you preach. Check it out.


Create change with me.