Recently I was telling you about defining your values and why that’s important, but there’s a MASSIVE piece to this that I didn’t go into.

If you aren’t acting on your values, they aren’t values: they’re just empty words.

There. I said it.

But what happens when your values don’t align with what the rest of your industry says you’re supposed to do? Sometimes the tactics and techniques that are being shared as quick success strategies just don’t feel right. It’s possible that:

1. Maybe these tactics are outside your comfort zone and through practice, they’ll feel less uncomfortable.
2. They go against your values and no amount of practice will ever make it feel aligned.

When we force ourselves to behave in ways that go against our values to reach a larger goal, the achievement of that goal will inevitably feel tainted. And Mackenzie, that is not what you got into business to do.

So what’s your alternative?


When you have defined your values and you have clear understanding of why you feel that way, you build a confidence that allows you to discern whether something feels wrong or simply uncomfortable. Then when you feel drawn toward a new tactic or system, you now have the awareness to check in with yourself and decide if it’s a good fit for you…or if you’re simply attracted by the fancy marketing.

You’ll be able to discern whether a new strategy/system/client/sales technique/etc is right…and why.

Now, there’s a disclaimer here:
Sometimes you’ll need to say yes to clients that aren’t quite ideal. Sometimes you’ll accept projects that aren’t really your bag. There’s a real privilege to being able to say no to paying work. Please do not ever guilt yourself about putting food on your table.

As you grow your business, as you build your foundational stability, your values are at the very centre of it all. Define them clearly enough and you’ll be able to build a business that you can respect, love, and grow.

No more “supposed to”. Your success, on your terms.