The weather has been looking good for a maple syrup boil down. Our trees are tapped and we started the boil this week. I love that we make our own maple syrup. It’s important that I model what I preach: margin in business for a whole beautiful life, regenerative systems that allow for personal and professional growth, stepping away from the screen as a way of boosting creativity and productivity. Making our own maple syrup (tapping trees, hauling sap, stoking an outdoor fire, being with family) is simply one small way this happens in my life.

This is the alignment I speak about when I ask if your actions are aligned with your values.

Because if you don’t have proof of your values through your actions, they’re simply lip service.

The way you show your values doesn’t have to be overt. You don’t have to shout it to the world (hello, fellow introverts). Your values can show up in your policies, your payment plan, or your politics. They can be present in how you spend and share your money, the clients you choose to work with, or the projects you choose to work on. They can be as loud or as quiet as you want – but they need to be present.

I often ask my clients to write a manifesto as part of getting in touch with their deeper drive (then finding new ways to talk about what they do). I use my course, Fuck Your Elevator Pitch, for this. It’s one of the resources inside the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club HQ. Once you get clear on what you believe in, you can then look at those statements and connect them with actions, offers, and possibilities for your business.

By doing this – by showcasing your values throughout your business – you show your clients they can trust what you say is true. That you have follow through. That you mean what you say. And trust is the beginning and foundation of any relationship, even working ones.

So my question for you today is this:

Where are you grounding into your values?
What actions in your business are you taking to represent them?

This is deepening work. It’s clarity work. It’s foundational work. And it’s a strong foundation that will help you grow bigger, more sustainably, and with much clearer direction.

I have space for 1 more Brain Day this month. If you want the kind of 1:1 deep dive into your business that gets clarity on your offers, your strategy, your marketing, and your brand voice, book a call with me to find out if this is the next right fit for you.

“We accomplished more in a day together than I accomplished working alone in a year.” ~ Brain Day client

No more hiding in the shadows. No more fumbling in the dark. We need more of you in the world. It’s time to show them what you got.