One of the things I love about being an entrepreneur is that I’m able to bring my big ideas to life. I’ve always been an ideas person. I think you can probably relate. In fact, I was saying just over the weekend that there are kids who have a tendency to ask “What’s that?”, there are kids who have a tendency to ask “Why?”, and there are also kids who have a tendency to ask “What if?”


What if…
I streamlined my marketing down to one or two concepts?

What if…
I added this particular service to my roster?

What if…
I created a membership community that brings brilliant minds together but also helps them distinguish the right direction for them and their businesses?

What if…
I hear entrepreneurs asking this question all the time.


Sometimes this curiosity is packaged up with negative self-talk: I get distracted! I’m fun but a bit all over the place. I always get caught up in the Shiny New! If that’s you, I gently invite you to stop that shit for a hot second and hear me out:


What if (ahem)… what if this were one of your superpowers?

What if the ideas were part of why you’re so great at what you do? What if your ability to see possibility is the exact thing we need to create change in our society? What if all you needed was a quick system to decide whether it’s worth it or not?

Because all great things started with someone saying “what if”.

Unless your business is set up as a pure idea generator, then you need to rein in that superpower sometimes. So how do you distinguish whether this idea is the right idea for you?

Answer: I.A.C.


This brilliant spark of a thought, does it have momentum? Is it viable? What would it take to make it happen and given that, is it worth pursuing? If yes, move on to A. If no, put the idea down and step away.


Does this (now viable) align with your bigger goals? Does it keep you on course or take you off-track? If it takes you off-track and you’re okay with that, does it align with your values or give you clear returns? (sidebar: returns aren’t always revenue but that’s for another day)


Given that this idea is viable and aligned, do you have the capacity to bring it to fruition? Will this fit into your schedule, your life, your business? Could you garner support or delegate tasks?


If you go through this process, I guarantee you’ll find yourself in a better position to decide whether that big WHAT IF is ready for you follow that brilliance, write it down for another time, plan it into your schedule, let it go, or pass it along to someone else.

This way, you won’t get stuck in the Shiny New and you’ll still be able to lean into your superpower whenever it strikes.
The next time you have a brilliant idea (maybe the one from this morning?) run it through the IAC treatment and let me know how it goes.