Less than a month ago I was speaking with a coaching client about her services suite. She had a bunch of brilliant ideas (of course) that she wanted me to co-sign. But I’m just not that kind of coach. I’ll cheer the heck out of your ideas but if it isn’t doable, viable, or realistic, I’ll tell you so.

This client was in that situation. She simply couldn’t do all her ideas. Or at least, not right now. She’s publishing a book, launching a program, supporting 1:1 clients, and going through a massive rebrand. That’s more than enough. The last thing I wanted was for her to become overwhelmed and out of action.

Instead we created a strategy for the ideas that work right now and a realistic timeline of activities. We banked her other ideas using a clear client trajectory and structured them into phases.

In short, we calmed the chaos and made a doable action plan.

Now that it’s almost a new calendar year, the internet is going wild with goal hacks, articles on how to stick to your resolutions, and habit building strategies.

What people don’t tend to consider when they’re creating their goals is whether or not they’re doable, viable, or realistic.

Before you structure your services, before you talk about your price points, before you add anything new or burn anything down, you need to know what you can realistically achieve. Otherwise, you’ll end up with mighty goals, brilliant ideas, and a completely avoidable sense of failure.

I want to know your big goals. I want to hear you speak your audacious secrets into the world. And then I want to show you how to get there without burning yourself out.

So tell me, what do you want to do next year?

Here are my 2023 goals:

💫 Write the book
💫 Welcome a few more folk into the Motorcycle Club (we’ll cap out at 15 to keep it intimate
💫 Support 10 brilliant business owners through Spark Intensives
💫 Facilitate Foundations 3 times this year
💫 Figure out a cold store situation for our produce (#farmlife)
💫 Interview with 25–30 podcasts
💫 Teach “best of both worlds” workshops to 3 organizations

Now it’s your turn.
Speak your goals into the world by hitting reply and letting me know. I’ll answer you and hold space for it to become true.

One of the things we talk about in the Foundations program is your schedule. We make it make sense for you — not some random 4-hour workweek bro. If you’re interested in reaching your goals instead of simply setting resolutions, join me. We start in just a few weeks.