Happy New Year!

With all this talk about resolutions and “New Year, New Me”, I needed to tell you a little story.

Last year, I had a marketing company do a little customer research for me. They also included peer reviews in their process. All this information would theoretically provide me with words and concepts of how I’m already perceived by my clients and peers. Good, right?

Yes – except here’s the lesson:
When you’re soliciting feedback, make sure that it’s from people who know you and share your values.

The marketing company interviewed a few folks who I would consider peers and they also interviewed acquaintances who aren’t in my sphere at all. They don’t engage with my content, they aren’t in my FB group. Aka – not really a peer.

Now here’s the part I laughed at and the part I want you to know.
One of the words that came back to describe me?

Sure, pleasant means nice. Pleasant can mean kind and I try my best to be a good human. But pleasant also connotes a level of meh. It’s neither here nor there. It’s…
Beige. Unopinionated. Palatable. Agreeable.
It’s, well, pleasant.

And…not me. I’m not pleasant, and I’m okay with that.

Now I could get bogged down with the idea that there are people who see me differently than I see myself
I could lean into my personal values and decide whether this is valuable information.

You see, when you’re clear on who you are and what you want. When you know how you’re planning on getting there. When you have a deep understanding of WHY you do this beautiful work, you aren’t nearly as swayed by the words of those who don’t know.

You’re more confident in your process, your method, your magic. As I said in my last blog post, your values are your magnet. It’s when you’re clear on your values that you can lean into the feedback from those who know:

Thoughtful. Strategic. Generous. Uncompromising. Useful. Loving. Me.

This season, amidst all the “BECOME A NEW YOU” messages, lean into what you know already. Lean into who you are already.

Don’t become a NEW you. Be MORE you.

I promise, your people will find you there.