You know, for a quick moment there last week, I nearly succumbed to the external pressure of what to do in my business for my birthday. You know what I’m talking about: a FB charity campaign, a discounted service, a hybrid discount/donation, a new product…we’ve seen all of these. The trouble is that none of them sat well with me…and if I’m being transparent, thinking about which charity and how much and top ups and new creations gave my anxiety anxiety.

So in the spirit of integrity…I’ll share from my heart.

My goal in business has always been to uplift others in the way that I can. I’ve been blessed to do that for over a decade. Of the things I’ve learned along the way, each of them has a story, a lesson (often a hard lesson) I learned.

My gift to you today, on my 45th birthday, is…

45 Lessons From A Tenacious Entrepreneur

1. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile
2. And…sometimes if it’s hard, it means it isn’t time (or right)
3. Alignment is everything
4. Get a good therapist
5. Find support for your physical, emotional, and spiritual body
6. Book time off for yourself
7. Mind your capacity
8. Get really fucking clear on your ideal client
9. Sometimes the launch will fail; launch again
10. There are lessons in everything
11. Manage your expectations
12. Make your goals high and your to do list simple
13. The best ideas rarely come in front of the computer
14. Invite people to buy your services
15. If you don’t respect them, don’t follow their business advice
16. Good design makes everything possible
17. Your ideas are worth exploring
18. But not all ideas are worthy of your investment
19. Discernment is a tool worth honing
20. Work with your brain, not against it
21. If there is emotion, there is good information
22. Everything is iterative
23. Trust your instincts
24. Raise your prices
25. Then raise them again
26. Your life experience is valuable
27. Thinking differently is a gift
28. Design your business so that it supports present you and future you
29. Fuck around and find out
30. Marketing doesn’t have to feel awful; it can be playful
31. Ask yourself “what would make this fun?
32. Ask yourself “what would make this easier?
33. Ask yourself “what do I really want to say about this?
34. Say the thing. Speak up. Your people will know you because they see and hear you
35. Be controversial
36. Accept the opportunities outside your comfort zone
37. When you earn more, you give yourself the capacity to do more good
38. Choose your own goals
39. Clear boundaries are a gift to yourself and everyone else
40. Get it in writing
41. Don’t work with assholes
42. Make the plan, follow the plan, stay unattached to the plan
43. Model your values, practice what you preach
44. If you give up, the game is over
45. Always keep learning

And one wish for you:
May you always feel clear in your direction, love in your life, and ease in your body.

Over the next year, you’ll see from me an expansion of the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club, a 7-week program for folks who are brand new to business (or drastically need to shore up their foundation), and more Brain Day slots available for you – because they’re simply so fucking good and impactful, I’m opening my calendar for them.

Thank you for being here. I’m glad you’re along for the ride.