It’s a cold, grey day. Cold enough that the rain is sometimes snow but warm enough that nothing sticks. It’s the kind of chill damp that gets into your bones. Days like this call for more tea, more blankets, and more compassion. Days like this call for reflection…

The truth is, it has been a lot. The last 3 weeks, months, years, more. As previously reliable structures crumble. As you’re asked to find new solutions, new systems, new ideas on the fly not knowing if they will work or not.

The resilience that has been asked of you. The ingenuity. The perseverance.

One thing I know is that you are different from others in part because of those characteristics: resilience, ingenuity, perseverance. And yet, it can still be hard. It can still suck. It can still be really fucking tiring.

But you’ll keep trying.

You’ll reach out. You’ll make the ask. You’ll seek support. You’ll iterate. You’ll do the work.

Because you are you and there is nobody like you in the world.

I know there’s a lot happening and on the heels of a noisy weekend, the Christmas carols have pumped up the volume. Less than a month from now, we’ll be talking about New Years Eve plans.

So I could sum this up with the question of “what will you do differently in 2023?” and ask you to book a session with me or I could say what’s in my heart which is this:

Reflect on what’s working. Double down. Look hard at what’s not working. Iterate that shit. Make the ask: for client work, for marketing, for support. Rest. Repeat.

You aren’t alone. xo