Here’s the truth. I put off writing this for nearly a week. So long that my assistant pinged me to see if I’d forgotten. I hadn’t.

I just felt…uninspired. 

I went back through my IG posts, I looked at old newsletters thinking I might revive something, I looked through my Swipe file for ideas…and…nope. Nothing. Nada.

So I decided I would just give myself permission to not write to you this week. I’m on the other side of a launch, it’s been cloudy for weeks, consistency doesn’t mean forcing something that isn’t working. Etc.

We’re sold a vision that being an entrepreneur is easy but entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint-hearted. 

The truth is, sometimes it’s going to be hard. Whether that’s your marketing, your admin, or that phone call you’ve been avoiding. 

Of course there are ways to make running your business easier. There are ways to build confidence in what you do, connect with your right fit people, and create systems so you can be a week behind without creating so much as a ripple. 

But in all of that, I want you to remember that you’ve grown not because it’s easy, but because you’ve made it happen.

You’ve got to have a pretty special set of characteristics to do this: lateral problem solver, quick learner, persistently stubborn. 

If you’ve also found you’re not inspired right now, that’s okay. Come back home to yourself. Tell the truth. Give yourself permission to be you. It’s always easier to find a solution from a place of integrity.