Helen Tremethick

Love & Badassery is a rare opportunity to see behind the scenes of 31 different successful businesses.

If you’ve landed here, chances are you heard Helen on a podcast episode. Now you have the opportunity to listen to 31 different business owners as they share their insights on how they found their voice, their courage, confidence, and clarity, leaning in and learning how to show up in and for their business.

This is a resource unlike any other.
Find out how they grew their businesses while being more authentic to who they are. Then apply the lessons to your own business.

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What’s Love & Badassery? It’s a truth revolution. A new way of marketing.

A way of connecting with your people in a genuine way and growing your business. 

Love & Badassery is a conversation about how to create bigger conversations, ones that you want to be a part of. It’s about connecting with ourselves and each other. It’s about finding who you are inside all the templates and noise. It’s about creating a space inside where you can find the confidence you need to speak your truth, knowing that you would be able to find your right people and build a business you love. 

31 business owners. 31 stories. 31 ways to grow your business. 

Love & Badassery is the antidote to a marketing rule book written by dinosaurs.


When we first start out as entrepreneurs, we feel like we have to communicate what we sell in a very particular way, to get it “right”, so we can build our businesses fast and profitable. To do this, we fit ourselves into templated models recommended by downloads and webinars and free ebooks and gurus. 


“I am such and such, who does this and that, for these people”. 

These templates work (at first) because they help us achieve our ultimate goal: how to clearly answer the question of what the heck we do when we’re asked by prospective clients. The trouble comes when our business begins to grow and we need something more nuanced. Our old answer doesn’t feel like us any longer. It feels boring and robotic and we begin to feel trapped by the way this simplistic answer doesn’t truly represent us. 

So the pendulum swings. We unleash ourselves. We allow ourselves complete and free rein. It feels wonderful except…our copy is no longer clear to our people. We’ve lost the clarity we had before in favour of showing up authentically. And we become stuck, afraid, insecure procrasti-fectionists (procrastinating because of our perfectionism).


How It Works

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Learn how to grow your business while staying true to who you are, from people who know what it’s like.

Love & Badassery was a free daily email community project.

But it was so freaking good, we knew it needed to be shared with you! You can access each submission, in any order, at any pace you’d like. And you can come back again and again.


Helen Tremethick
Staci Jordan Shelton
Racheal Cook
Meg Casebolt

Andréa Jones
Simone Grace Seol
Michelle Currie
Jo Casey

Tanya Geisler
Karen CL Anderson
Nancy Lyons
Maggie Patterson

Vanessa Mentor
Sara Frandina
Marie Poulin
Lacy Boggs

Avery Swartz
Marisa Goudy
Carmen Schreffler
Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Jacquette Timmons
Hillary Weiss
Amy Walsh
Lena West

Mason Aid
Tara McMullin
Corrie Cason
Tanis Frame

Rachael Kay Albers
Tiana Dodson
Nikki Groom

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