We love Halloween in this house. Since moving to the country, the way we do Halloween has changed. We put up decorations and we carve a pumpkin but since we don’t receive trick-or-treaters, we get our costumes on and drive up to our closest town. Yesterday, we were zombies. We let our kid stay up late, eat a bunch of candy, then get up in time this morning for school.

In telling you this, I’m reminded of a conversation I was having with a client recently.

This client is facilitating a workshop for an organization today. Over the last year, she’s been working hard to realign herself with her business model, leaning into who she is, having fun and experimenting with ideas. She’s been following her instinct, doing the work, and it’s paying off for her.

She’s coming back home to herself and using her knowledge of what works in her business to guide her.

When we were speaking recently, we were talking about the upcoming debrief after the event. One of the ways we can decide whether something was a success (and what needs changing, tweaking, or deleting) is by doing a post-mortem debrief. What worked? What didn’t? What felt really good? What was kinda not right but not sure why?

However, first you need to stay up late and eat a bunch of candy. Metaphorically. Or not. You do you.

If you don’t take time to acknowledge the wins, to celebrate, to tell your friends (or co-conspirator, winkwink) then it’s hard for your body to integrate your real progress. Notice what you did. Say it out loud. Celebrate all the things, especially the small wins.

THEN and only then, do your debrief and make plans for the next steps.

This is one way you can honour your capacity and your growth.

Notice. Celebrate. Make plans. Do the work. Repeat.

This is how you build a business that gives back to you.

Until then, notice your wins this week and then let me know so I can help celebrate you.