Resistance is real…and far from futile. Resistance will have you scrolling Instagram and calling it outreach. Resistance will have you busy all day so that you don’t have to work on the most important thing. Resistance can fool you into thinking it’s progress.

Your inner resistance wants to keep you safe. It hates the idea of feeling vulnerable, trying new things, feeling stuck in a too-tight schedule, being told what to do.

Instead of pushing your way through, I want to encourage you to think about your resistance as information. If you’re resisting it, there’s a reason.

You can work with your resistance. Examine it. Question it.

• Is your resistance serving your ideal future? 
• Or is it keeping you stuck where it may not be comfortable but at least it’s known?
• Where are you resisting in your business? 
• How are you not achieving what you want because of your resistance?

It can be hard to look at what’s not working. It can be hard to create new systems – even when you know the outcome is going to be good.

My invitation to you: stop the scroll, be intentional,  sign up for Foundations  (remember we start January 24). Let’s look at your business clearly and make it work better for you.

Because resistance is most powerful when it’s done together.