Helen Tremethick

a course that changes the way you talk about your business

Imagine, finally being able to easily answer the question

“What do you do?”

without wanting to dive under the table.

Talking about your business is a necessary aspect of your marketing. Whether you’re doing it in person at networking events and calling it an elevator pitch or placing it on your website as an About page, the way you speak about your business can attract or repel prospective clients. Of course, you already knew that.

Those social media bios that aren’t ever quite right? The bio on your website, in your byline, and in your introductory emails? Blah, amiright?


What if you could flip this whole thing on its head? What if you could talk about your business in a way that realigns, recalibrates, and attracts new customers?

You’ll start this course with your ordinary, ho-hum bios and easily walk through the process of creating your own manifesto from which you’ll build out new, exciting, just-like-you bios for your major platforms.

Your manifesto is more than your elevator pitch. It’s a starting point, a mission statement, a brand new profile, an empowerment coach, a realignment to who you are and the reason you keep doing this work. Your manifesto is your light on a dark day and a compass in times of chaos.

It also becomes a place of inspiration, a piece of content that you can repurpose and rely on for powerful, persuasive copy. Not only for times when you need to write but any time you need to come back to your why.

Your manifesto is the ultimate power pose, a secret weapon, and a talisman. And the secret to breathing life back into the way your talk about your business.


Bonus: you can colour it and make it look exactly how you want.
Yes, my friend, that’s the taste of business freedom.

Besides, this is WAY more fun and way more useful than a templated “I’m a (fill in the blank) who helps (fill in the blanks).

This course will help you talk about your business in a way that tells the world all about your badass, unique, unicorn self.

Ready to get started? Let’s go.

What you get…

  • A 9-module self-guided course that you can complete in less than 2 hours.
  • Brand new bios for your major platforms.
  • New ways to talk about your business online and offline.
  • Delicious copy for your website, social media pages, and wherever you want to publish.
  • Easy confidence at networking events whenever you introduce yourself aka. your elevator pitch? Nailed it.
  • Writing prompts uniquely designed to help you hone in on your message.
  • Lifetime access so you can keep coming back to what’s important. You, your clients, and your business.

Here’s what people are already saying about it:


“F*ck Your Elevator Pitch was amazing” ~ Cassandra


“I seriously didn’t know I had those words in me and I am very good with words. I’m already working on how to bring the language into my website because I’ve realized that I wasn’t communicating what I do and what I want to do to my people.” ~ Emmy

This is a course that will change the way you talk about your business…for good.

Come out from under the table. There’s a whole world of cool people who want to see you shine.

Reg. Price $149, hosted on the DOKI.io interactive teaching platform.

You in? Let’s do it.

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