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It isn’t easy to be yourself in a world where you’re expected to market a certain way, show up a certain way, even provide services in a certain way. There are a lot of marketing gurus out there telling entrepreneurs how to run a business but the trouble with umbrella answers is that they don’t address the individual nuances every business owner comes up against.
I help entrepreneurs find the internal permission to be who they are as people and business owners, online and off. Through workshops and talks on brand voice strategy, copywriting, perfectionism, and self-forgiveness, I offer an alternative to Templated Marketing Systems (patent pending), and practical skills to help small business owners market themselves so their messages are representative of who they are…but also resonant with our audiences.


Helen Tremethick is a brand voice strategist and business coach who helps entrepreneurs find the courage, confidence, and clarity they need to grow and scale their businesses. 

To put it briefly, Helen simply doesn’t do cookie cutter. Over the years, she has taught hundreds of business owners how to grow sustainably and authentically while connecting with their audiences and doing it well. 

Crowd Favourites

Whether your event is intimate or epic, we can co-create an impactful experience for your audience. I tend to speak about copywriting, running a small business, marketing trends, and (im)perfectionism as well as…


Brand Voice Strategy
how to write website copy (or anything else) to connect with your audience
. . .

F*ck The Hustle
create balance in your life with a little bit of love and a whole lot of badassery
. . .

Becoming You
finding your space in a noisy world

. . .

Branding Your Team
how to maintain consistency with multiple voices





Everything she says, does, touches, writes, creates has integrity, purpose, and a powerful voice. It’s like her aura and words attract fellow leaders who want to use their voice to create more impact in the world.

Kira Hug – Copywriter, Podcaster, Awesome Human Being



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