Happy almost summer!

In all this talk about regenerative business design, I thought you might want to peek behind the scenes on my own business a little.

Summer is almost here and that brings a lot of changes around here. You probably already know that I live on a permaculture farm. We host certificate classes here throughout the summer months and during the growing season, there’s a lot to do outside. With the kid home from school, this all means that I’ve needed to design my business so that I can work fewer hours during the summer.

What I Needed To Learn:

  1. Unlearning. Learn unlearning. Yep. Like so many business owners, I needed to unlearn what it means to be productive (and how long that takes). Learning that I can step away from my computer has been integral. Look at how you’re spending your time. Can you batch? Can you restructure? Can you add margin?
  2. Defining success. Deciding how much time/energy/revenue is enough to increase our wellbeing helps me create a strategy that works for me. How much is enough in all the important areas of your life? This will be different for you than it is for me – and that’s a good thing.
  3. Work the plan then iterate. I facilitate quarterly planning sessions inside the Motorcycle Club (psst – our Q3 planning session is next week) because looking ahead 90 days helps us maintain momentum without losing direction. But there will be seasonality to this – as is the case with my easeful summers. Where in your calendar do you need to add more time so you can take time off elsewhere? What activities will get you closer to your goals?

What Summer Now Looks Like For Me (& You):

I’ll be getting my hands dirty, weeding garden beds and wrangling chickens. But I’ll also be spending some time with inspiring folks like you. Here’s how…


Registration for Foundations Prep School (summer edition) is now closed.
There was so much interest in a fall session that I’ve decided to offer it again!
As a thank you, I’ll honour the summer session pricing of $1500 until July 1st – and I’ll also throw in a few goodies you can work on poolside in preparation for September. After July 1st, the cost goes up to $2250.

How to know if this is right for you:
Foundations is perfect for emerging entrepreneurs who want to make sure their next actions are aligned with their biggest goals.

REGISTER HERE OR get more details


If you’re an experienced entrepreneur, you might need a little more 1:1 nurturing. That’s where Spark Intensives come in. With the kid at home and our permaculture classes on the farm, I have only 2 Sparks available this summer. You can grab it while it’s hot by clicking this link or hit reply if you want to chat about it.


The Motorcycle Club switches into a different gear during the summer. We’ll start with our Q3 Planning Session on June 22nd then July/August has one hot seat coaching call per month and one Whiskey Lemonade Session (aka we host a guest speaker to teach all the good things). This summer we’ll learn all about good PR and how to pitch yourself as well as how to write that book inside you.

Get on the ride.

And that’s that. Make the plan, work the plan, iterate as necessary. Ultimately, I want you to have the same: a business you can rely on, one that takes care of you and your clients, one that you’re proud of.

As you start making your own plan for the summer (or following the one you already have), take a minute to catch my friend Lacy’s new podcast: Ace Stone & The Case Of The Missing Content. It’s a fun, fictional take on marketing that I think you’ll love.

Breathe deep. You are brave, resilient, brilliant, and bold. Let’s see you shine.