Last week when I was talking about being an artisanal business owner (and neither Gucci nor Walmart — ICYMI you can read that post here), I asked you about your goals. What do you want from your business? What do you want in your life?

But when we’re speaking about designing regenerative businesses, we want to go deeper than your next goal. We want to consider the ripple of your work.

I recently saw a post from an Instagram expert I follow. This post in particular was about different psychological techniques you can employ to get more sales. These techniques include not using commas in your pricing (because it makes the number seem smaller), or purposefully leaving out dollar signs in your pricing (because it separates the number from the money in your bank account), or sizing your fonts differently so that one becomes more attractive than another.

Tricks. Tricks to make you buy. Tricks that publicly and confidently promote using psychology to make the sale.


The Ripple Effect

A lot of what I talk about here is about designing your business so that it thrives for you…but this conversation also needs to include how you attract, nurture, and treat your prospective clients. When you market to your audience in a way that ensures your services are a good fit for them, you’re building a system based on respect and integrity…not looking at your prospects as potential buyers but as humans you might help.

Choosing to NOT employ psychological techniques to manipulate people (yes, I said that) into buying is part of building a regenerative business. When your audience knows they can trust you, that they can buy in when it’s right for them, this is ultimately good for their lives and their businesses and in the long run, it’s good for you too. See? That’s the ripple effect.

That’s why my prices never end in 7s or 9s. That’s why we can always hop on a call to find out if a service is a good fit. And it’s why you’ll never see me making promises I can’t keep.

Your business is already making an impact.

The impact is in how you decide to show up in the world, what you decide to invest in, how you decide to spend your time, and what content you choose to share and consume. The impact is in how you treat your audience — even before they become clients.

This is your opportunity to choose. If you need help getting there, let me know. I’m here for you. In the meantime, the questions I’ll leave you with are:

What kind of ripple effect would you like to have?
What can you do today to feel proud of the way you accomplished it?