Last week I posted a reel on Instagram that stirred up a lot of conversation in my DMs so I thought I would write to you in case you also had questions.

Here’s the part that prompted the conversation:

What does a strong foundation strategy look like?

️⭐ A clear methodology

⭐ A strong ideal client

️⭐ Offers that serve you and your clients

⭐ Copy that matches who you are with what your clients need

If you have those, the rest becomes much much much easier.

Apparently this touched a nerve. My DMs started flooding with questions about METHODOLOGY. “Do I have one?” “How do I know?” “How can I figure out what my methodology is?” “But everything I do is custom!”

Maybe you’re in the same boat. Do you know your methodology? Do you know how you get your clients from where they are to where they experience the results of your magic?

When I talk about strong business foundations, a massive part of this is your methodology. It’s how you get your people from here to there.

Once you know that, you can start speaking to your client in a clearer way, basing your offers on what they actually need and where your real genius is, writing and talking about your work in a meaningful way.

Your methodology is your map. It’s your proof. It’s your foundation.

This is important:


You have a way that you take your people from where they are to the beautiful results. Even when the work is customized.

How do you figure it out? You reverse engineer the steps you take with every client. Write it down. Call it what it is. That’s your secret sauce, your magic, your brilliance.

Your methodology is how you make your impact.

Once you have your strong foundation then you can buy the superficial sexy with design and copy and images. AND you can grow in a way that doesn’t break you. AND you can talk about your business with confidence and ease. AND you can know quickly whether this new idea is a good one…or for someone else.