image is text: growth feels uncomfortable. Remember: this work is worth it




And that’s okay. It’s okay that you’re learning. It’s okay that you’re taking steps into new territory. It’s okay that you don’t feel like the confident, courageous, badass self like you do when you’re in your comfort zone.


It’s okay that you don’t know what to say or when. It’s okay that you’ll probably make mistakes. You’re learning. Just like me. Just like many of us.


What matters is that you’re doing the work, you’re taking the steps, you’re using your voice, your privilege, your platform, your nuanced life experience.


You’re doing the work. It’s uncomfortable and yet it’s integral to the world you want to live in. Politically, societally, lives are at stake. That’s big shit…and what you’re experiencing now (what many of us are experiencing), is growing pains.


Keep it up. Take the next step. Your voice is needed.