I’ve been reading The Body Is Not An Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor and it has me thinking about all of the ways we apologize for being. For being in bodies that don’t fit the media norm. For being in bodies that speak, behave, and believe differently than the status quo. For being in bodies that have historically (and presently) been intentionally marginalized. Of course, this is the job of the book — to get us thinking and working toward unapologetic BEINGness.

The side effect of reading this book is that it also has me wondering, “where am I apologetic in my business? where am I apologetic as a CEO, a business owner, a thought leader, a person who people trust to guide them toward their best selves?

My answer?

· I’m apologetic for learning & not already knowing allthethings

· I’m apologetic for my passive sales skills

· I’m apologetic for my tendency to hedge my opinions

· I’m even apologetic for not doing things they way “they all say I’m supposed to”

​In short, I’m apologetic for being my naturally awkward delightful human self. And this right here is the work. Noticing it, realizing it isn’t ours, and releasing it back to the murky depths of society where it comes from.

Because the truth is:

· We don’t need to be sorry for learning. We will always be learning.

· We don’t need to be sorry for skills that aren’t in our wheelhouse. We can learn them and/or delegate them.

· We don’t need to be sorry for hedging. We were taught to bite our tongues.

· We don’t need to be sorry for doing things our way. Because their way sucks and we know it.

More than ever before, we need people like us to speak out, act out, be angry, be opinionated, do things differently, do the things because we love them…or because it’s right. We need people like us to take action, to say yes to a new way of thinking/being, to believe in ourselves.

I’m not going to be sorry. Not anymore.

What are you not sorry for? Hit comment while you’re feeling the urge and tell me.

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Don’t be sorry. Let’s take action together.