I’ve been chewing on something since I listened to a podcast snippet the other day. This person was talking about being very happy setting their business up as a “Walmart” model instead of a “Gucci” model — aka high volume vs high ticket.

I love this for them: they’ve realized they want to be affordable for almost anyone and they feel quite successful with this model.


It got me thinking: I don’t want to be a Walmart OR a Gucci.

In the online business world, we’re sold a dichotomy where you kinda have to pick one. Are you going to be a high-ticket, high-end mega-company or are you going to be a race-to-the-bottom, bargain-deal high-volume service provider? We’re told that anything in between is a “grey zone” where your prospective clients are “confused”.

But I’m going to call bullshit on this.

Extending this Gucci versus Walmart metaphor, what if you actually want to be that cute farm-to-table restaurant, or a stationery shop that sells really good pens, or a curated maker market?

We’re fed an idea that you either have to go in one direction or the other. I’m here to tell you that you can choose door number 3.

You don’t have to grow to 7- or 8-figures simply because you started a business. And you don’t have to position your services at the lowest price simply to attract a larger audience. You can do you.

Start with your goals.

Where do you want to take your business?

What type of impact would you like to have?

How will your business serve your values, your goals, and your lifestyle?

You don’t need to be Gucci if you don’t wanna be, especially not because someone with a high-ticket offer said so. Lean into your high-touch, high-integrity magic. If you need help figuring out how to do that, I gotchu.

From one artisanal business to another.