I’ve been over here promoting that you show up as yourself and that your values are your magnet, but what happens if your values are unpopular?

Talking about your beliefs in a crowd of believers is one thing, but sharing your opinions in the public arena is a whole other beast. Fear of (even light) conflict is a really common reason entrepreneurs stay inside their comfort zones. Fear of reprisal (or trolls) keeps us following templates we know don’t work or feel good. Fear of saying the “wrong thing”, fear of being seen for our differences, fear of being visible. These are all ways we censor ourselves.

So what if you have a controversial opinion?

Your values won’t act as your magnet if you keep them in your pocket, right?

Last week, Layla Saad, author of Me & White Supremacy, posted some of her 2022 goals on Instagram. These goals included changing the lives of millions, partnering with a big name publisher, and building and leading a 7-figure business. Within 4 days, she lost 5000 followers. FIVE THOUSAND!

Here’s what she said about why this loss is good:

“It takes courage to say: this is me. This is who I am. This is what I think. This is what I believe in. This is what I want. This is how and why I want it. This is what me living as my most authentic self looks like.”

It takes courage.

What I would add to this is that magnets work both ways. They repel opposite charges as much as they attract similar ones. Allow those people to unfollow. Allow those people to walk away. Allow them to leave. They aren’t your people.

When you share who you are, what you believe in, why you show up in the world the way you do, you’re giving your people a gift: the gift of seeing you, understanding you, and trusting you.

By building a strong business based on your values, you’re not only creating a system and structure for growth, you’re also creating a rock solid foundation for trust.

Allow your people to see you.

Stating your values isn’t simply a manifesto or mission statement. Your values shine throughout your entire business.

Here’s to your strong magnetic self.