This post was initially going to be about takedown culture. It was going to be about our particular brand of pitchforks and torches, and how we have a tendency to place online entrepreneurs up on pedestals where they can do no wrong until they make a mistake, at which point we collectively attack and take them down. Then the news happened…and all of a sudden, I needed to speak about more than that.

I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership over the last little while. More specifically, what does it mean to be a “good leader”?

We’ve seen recently (and for generations) what good leadership is not.

I feel fairly certain that one of your personal goals is to be a respected leader, a champion for others, a force for good.

I’ve noticed that when policies continue to marginalize and individual rights are stripped away, we tend to use the phrase “the world is on fire“.

Pointing out the world is on fire isn’t enough. Real leaders, good leaders, source and share water.

There is a time for rage, there is a time for dissent, and there is a time for tears and grief and rest. As a leader in your business, your community, your family, there is also a time to find, create, and share solutions.

What’s possible? What’s needed? What’s next? Do that. Create the thing. Show others. Share it.

That. That right there. That is you stepping into your leadership.

If the world is on fire, be a waterbearer.