Recently I was having a conversation with a client about their business. They were telling me that one of my recent Instagram posts about defining your methodology had them worried they don’t have one.
“Because everything is pretty custom”

Yes and.

The way you move your people from where they are to the results you provide is fairly similar every time. Even if you customize the individual pieces, the overarching elements are the same each time.

What is the process you take every client through? Which are the important elements?


An embodiment coach may have a methodology that looks like CONNECT, LISTEN, DISCERN, INTEGRATE. In this way, the coach would take each individual through this process of connecting with their body, listening to the messages they receive, discerning which pieces require actions and which can be released, then integrating their new knowledge. This methodology could even be cyclical and repeat itself over time.

​A systems strategist may have a methodology that looks like DISCOVERY, DEFINE, DELIVERABLES, DELEGATION. For this strategist, they would have a lot of flexibility to choose different tools or software for their client as well as possibilities to delegate to a larger team.

Now you might be saying, okay Helen, but how does knowing my methodology make EVERYTHING easier? Isn’t this just the way I do things?

Yes and.

Your methodology is the way you make your magic work for your people AND it also…

⭐️ creates clarity and rationale around why your magic works
⭐️ which in turn gives you pieces of content to speak about in your marketing
⭐️ and helps you see whether this “new shiny awesome idea” fits into your business model
⭐️ which then creates clarity and consistency for your audience
⭐️ which helps them know what to buy and when
⭐️ and builds your confidence to claim your pricing, have those sales conversations, and grow a business you love.
⭐️ PLUS when you do grow into hiring and outsourcing, you’re able to transition them into your process – because you know it.

Your methodology isn’t JUST what you do.
Knowing your methodology is the bare bones understanding of what, why, and how your business works the way it does.
It’s a quick capture of your brilliant brain so that you can share it with the world.

Defining your methodology is just one of the pieces of the Brain Day process. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re new to business, pivoting, or up-levelling, knowing how you do what you do is a foundational element that is integral to your ongoing success.

Brain Days are also customized. We always start with methodology but we also take it where you need to go. Yes and.

I’m currently booking Brain Days for March & April. Customized payment plans are an option. If this is you, let’s hop on a call.

I see your magic… ✨