A lightboard and laptop on a desk. The lightboard has the words "You Got This". Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

Fuck The Hustle. There. I said it.

When you start your business, there is a lot of pressure to grow quickly, scale fast, and hustle until you drop. So much of our community is about the hustle. We wear the t-shirts. We drink out of the coffee mugs. We celebrate it in the messages from sun-tanned millionaires on yachts who say, “You too can earn eleventy-gajillion dollars; just do as I did”.

This hustle plays out in sleepless nights, working evenings and weekends, while we ignore our family and friends…and self-care needs. It plays out in our increasing anxiety levels and let’s face it, sitting on the couch eating chips and streaming teen dramas on Netflix. Or maybe that’s just me. The fact of the matter is, as an entrepreneurial culture, we’ve normalized the hustle. We bow to the 6-figure gods and we follow their templates to a tee, hoping that we too can be touched by this type of success.

But here’s the thing, the templates don’t always work.

So the gurus tell us that in order to gain this particular type of success, we should hire a professional. We must hire quickly. Our hustle culture calls that “prioritizing”.

“Everyone can afford to hire a professional”. “If you aren’t buying this course, this product, this service it’s because you haven’t prioritized it for your business”.

Nobody talks about the fact that you actually need to put food on your table for the next month.

This hustle teaching applies for your website as well.

Hire a designer to strike the right “Luxe Boutique meets Hardcore Feminist” look. Hire a copywriter to get the right voice and the right words for you to attract your tribe. Hire now and reap the rewards…later.

Fuck. That. Shit.

We’ve all heard that content is king. Truth is, content is actually a queen. She is powerful, nuanced, and super sexy.

Producing regular content for your audience helps generate leads. Getting clear on your brand voice is crucial to creating a consistent message. Developing a strategy will help you maintain your direction. Yes. All of that.


You probably don’t need a copywriter.

At least not yet.

Now I’m not saying that you won’t ever need a copywriter to help you write your website, marketing materials, newsletters or blog posts, or anything else for that matter. That would be like saying “here’s a stack of bandaids, now you’ll never need a doctor”. But do you need one now? Probably not.

Not if it means hustling all the days, evenings, and weekends to make it happen. Not if it means your kid doesn’t go to swimming lessons. And certainly not if it means taking food off your table or money from your mortgage account or putting necessary expenses on the credit card.

Because here’s the truth that those 6–7–8-figure lifestyle brands aren’t telling you.

You can get yourself 80% of the way there. All by your beautiful self.

I’m not saying without tools, without tips, without tricks. I am saying with a little guidance and a whole lot of initiative.

Write your own damn copy. Because your perfectionism isn’t bringing clients through the door.

Write your own damn copy. Because you need to pay rent.

Write your own damn copy. Because there is a difference between good enough and expert…and you don’t need to be an expert here. You just need to be good enough.

You see, it’s the perfectionism, the drive, and the comparisonitis that is holding us back from hitting publish. From being okay with good enough.

This isn’t you becoming a doctor. This is you making the best with the tools you have until such a time as you’re ready to hire a specialist to do it for you. And when you do, you’ll be able to invest in someone who can take really good care of you.

My point is that you can get yourself 80% of the way there. And 80% as far as I recall, is still a pretty good passing grade.

So what do you do in the meantime?

Connect with who you are in your business and share that with your clients. Tell them about why you do this work. Tell them how you can help them. Be true. Be you.

Don’t get stuck in the perfectionism, the templates, and the marketing message from people with giant teams telling you that what you are doing is wrong.

Use your community resources. Ask your business allies for help. They want to see you succeed.

You don’t need a copywriter for every little project. You can write your own damn good copy.

If you’re really stuck, schedule a Clarity Session with me. In an hour, we can help you align your voice and your message to whatever you’re writing right now.