Last week’s email resonated with a lot of you and I’m so glad. Many of us were raised to be subservient, to not speak up for ourselves, and to shy away from conflict. Moving into a place of unapologetic BEINGness isn’t easy; it takes work and we will make mistakes in the process. If it wasn’t clear in last week’s email, being unapologetic doesn’t mean “don’t apologize when you fuck up“. A good apology (and then subsequent reparative action) is part of the necessary work to build regenerative systems inside your business, your body, your community, your relationships, everywhere.

I had the chance recently to go on the Pause On The Play podcast to chat with Erica Courdae about regenerative systems of change. I loved this conversation and if you’re interested in going deeper into what I mean about regenerative vs sustainable, check it out on their website or wherever you find your podcasts.

In brief, this is what I mean by building a regenerative business. A regenerative business:

· takes care of its people by compensating you and your team financially and energetically as well as providing opportunity for rest, recovery, and rejuvenation

· seeks balance within itself and outside factors by auditing energy leaks and following a coherent, comprehensive strategy

· creates long-lasting creative solutions to challenges that support the overall mission of the business

· operates in integrity and in support of its values

Ideally, you want to create a positive balance between your people, your vision, and your revenue. Makes sense right?


If you’re growing but only if you work harder, that’s not regenerative. If you’re able to take time off but only if you take a cut elsewhere, that’s not regenerative. If you attract not quite ideal clients or continue to struggle to bring them in, that’s not regenerative either.

What we’re aiming for is future forecasting while taking care of short term needs. This is why Foundations Prep School is structured as Methodology, People, Services, then Brand Voice. We shore up those energy leaks, find out what makes the most sense for YOU (with all your beautiful responsibilities), and how to serve your people in a way that nurtures your creativity and your greatest strengths. Once you have all those pieces stable, marketing becomes much, much easier.


1. Is your business regenerative, sustainable, or unstable? Hit reply and let me know.
2. Want to spend the summer making it better? Join me for Foundations.

Here’s to a regenerative future.