In a recent podcast interview, I was speaking about authenticity, coming back to who you are, and building trust to make waves in your business. I said something in this interview that has become the very foundation of all my work:

In a word where the status quo expects you to toe the line, the most badass, rebellious, awesome thing you can do in the world is be you.  

You have always been you. 
It’s your YOU-ness that makes your clients choose you over anyone else. 
It’s your YOU-ness that makes your brand alive. 
It’s your YOU-ness that creates a business built on a strong foundation of trust and integrity. 

You can fake it…but only temporarily. 
Come back to who you are. When you do that, you create an alignment in yourself that makes it easier to talk about your business, sell your services, figure out your right business model, discern your ideal client, and that work – that alignment – has a ripple effect throughout your life. 

You have always been you. 
It’s time to show the world.