Last weekend, I spent some time over on IG Stories talking about our feral cat situation. Living country as we do, we seem to attract a new feral cat every couple of months. We’ve been able to socialize most of them and send them off to loving homes. Last weekend, I tried to befriend a ginger tabby I’ve seen hanging about for a while now. I think Captain Mandarin Fluff-Muffin (tbd) lives part-time in our barn but unlike some of their colony mates, Cap’n is incredibly fearful of humans.‚Äč

The point of this story is that this really on-brand behaviour for me. If you’ve interviewed or heard me on a podcast, if you’ve been a client, if you’ve come to the Facebook coworking sessions, if you’ve seen my website, or joined the Motorcycle Club, you know that trying to befriend and socialize a feral cat is kinda how I roll.

My values ripple through my life and my business. My value of service can be experienced through free content, events, and the 2-week Club trial. It can be seen in my desire to be generous with my time and my clients. It can be witnessed even in my sales process.

All month I’ve been talking about the importance of your values in your business and I keep coming back to this:

Your values must have supporting actions or they are simply lip service.

That’s to say, if you can’t see proof of those values, you either need to change your actions or redefine your values.

So here I ask you, what does your brand say about your values? Where can you increase that alignment? What actions can you take in your business or your life to create more congruence?

This was just a small example but the way your values show up in your brand ought to ripple through your systems, your business model, your payment options, your onboarding, your copy, and so on. Building your business foundations from your values up is strategic, it’s logistical, and at the end of the day, it makes it far easier for you to talk to your clients because they’ve already been pre-qualified by those shared values.

Let me know. Where are your values being showcased in how you do business?In the meantime, I’ll keep everyone posted about my blossoming friendship with the Cap’n over on IG.