I was in a podcast interview this week where the host asked, “okay, but what is a brand voice?”. I talk about brand voices a lot and in that moment, I realized that there’s an opportunity for you and I to establish some shared language. So if you’ve been stuck on “how do I find my brand voice?” or “what the heck is it anyway and how does it connect to branding, marketing, and all the things…?”, then this is for you.

What is a brand voice?

In short, a brand voice is how a business sounds when they communicate with their audience. However, a brand voice done well is much more than that. A brand voice done well is a consistent combination of who you are as a business, your core values, and how you serve in a genuine way that resonates with your ideal people.

HOWEVER – it doesn’t have to be complicated. Inside the Motorcycle Club HQ, there is a brand voice program called Truly You that helps guide this process piece-by-piece.

So why is everyone talking about brand voices and why is it important?

Because a clear brand voice creates consistency and therefore develops trust. As a client, you know how I (and your favourite service providers) show up online and off. There’s consistency between what you experience on social and our websites and what you experience when you get on a call. You know what you’re getting. And when there’s a disconnect, we feel it to our core and let’s be frank, there’s a sense that we’ve been lied to. Ever gotten on a call with a service provider who doesn’t match up with what you’ve seen online? <shudder> THAT is why I talk about being genuine in all your communications.

What does it do for your business?

Think of your brand voice as sort of a style guide for your voice. You know how your website has color codes that represent your brand. You choose the same fonts, the same image feel. When you have a Brand Voice Roadmap, it acts as a guardrail for that consistent genuine voice. That way, you can have a shitty night of sleep, be in a mood, hire a content writer, or feel over the moon and your voice will remain (more or less) the same. Creating that consistency helps your people feel seen, heard, and understood. It helps them trust you and feel as if they belong in your very capable hands.

And this wouldn’t be an email from me without a how-to section, so…

How can you find your brand voice?

Well, you can always join the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club where you’ll get access to Truly You as well as myriad other resources + every other week hotseat coaching.
And in the meantime, you can ask yourself what you believe in, why is this work important, what moves you, and what your people need to hear from you. Write it down so you can be consistent every single time.

Much of this work (surprise, surprise) comes back to understanding and articulating your values. A few weeks back, I had the excellent opportunity to talk with Motorcycle Club member and Accountability/Operations Strategist, Kim Cota, on the Small Business Stories YouTube channel. We had a great conversation about values, sales processes, and everything in between.

Check out our conversation…and subscribe to her channel while you’re there. Kim has a brilliant way of seeing the patterns and solutions inside creative business strategy.

The work is worth it. Get clear. Get consistent. Get clients. 1. 2. 3.