It’s been a rough week news-wise. So many atrocities front and centre, in our lives and in our feeds. Most of my clients are sensitive people, humans who care, humans who try to make the world a better place. It’s hard to not feel bowled over by the bad news. It’s hard not to feel triggered by the collective and individual trauma. If I have anything for you, it’s this: remain informed enough that you may continue to do you one small thing at a time in your corner of the world. Take breaks, take rests, find moments when and where you can. Then do another small thing. This is how we collectively create change at a time when everything feels overwhelming.


Social media has a tendency to make everything urgent and important while simultaneously creating comparison and opposition. As a business owner, you probably rely a heck of a lot on social media for your marketing which means that you’re faced with the news cycle every time you go to post or engage.

And there is A LOT happening over on social. It may feel as if you aren’t doing enough. It may feel as if someone else is doing more. It may feel as if you “won’t ever be able to ____”. It’s okay.

Notice this. Notice if you’re comparing yourself to others. Notice who in particular prompts that reaction from you. Then ask yourself what about this person/account has you wishing you could do that too. Is it the follower count? Is it the impact? Is it the resources? Is it the curated feed? Is it the clear and consistent message? What is it about this particular account?

Get clear. Ask yourself these questions. Because now, more than ever, is a time for Discernment.

As you get clearer on your values, as you become more aware of why certain accounts prompt visceral reactions, you are also gifting yourself the opportunity to discern what actions (in your business & your life) are aligned for you.

Choose your role models wisely. Curate who you follow so your feed is filled with cited facts, critical thinkers, beauty, and inspiration.

Then cultivate your next aligned action.

It’s not rocket science. This is the foundational work most of those gurus don’t talk about. It’s what we talk A LOT about in the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club. These are the bare bones of creating a brand that is representative of who you are, in all your sensitive, magical, strange, high-achieving brilliance. Your business, your way, without compromising who you are.

It’s also how to keep your eyes on your own work, decrease the comparisonitis and social media overwhelm, and take clear actions toward your big goals in an uncertain time.

My heart to yours