Let’s talk about LOVE. Not romantic love and certainly not the Hallmark-style giant stuffed unicorn and chocolate-dipped roses kind of love. I want to ask you about the love you share with your clients, with your business, and with the work you do in the world.

Do you love your business?
Have you created the right structures and foundation pieces so that you CAN love your business?

I think we spend a lot of time as entrepreneurs talking about Badassery. We call it all sorts of things: your unique value proposition, your quirkiness, your magic, how you show up differently from everyone else. This is a good thing. We need you to be more of YOU.

And yet…also…we can’t forget Love. The care you put into your work, your generosity, your hopes for your clients’ success, your integrity, the “soft animal of your body”. All the pieces that make you the kind of human being that shows up again and again.

We need your Badassery and we also need your Love. Love & Badassery.

How can you give your business MORE love?

I often talk about the way you communicate your business (through marketing & website copy) as being the ultimate love letter to your clients. This is why: when your copy is aligned with your values, supports your vision, reflects your offers clearly, and meets your clients where they are, that’s when you experience those “good conversion rates”. That’s when your people arrive on your site (or your chosen social platform) and think “whoa – they’re speaking straight to my soul!“. When you hop on a consultation call, they say “you’re exactly who I thought you were“. Because they already know. They already like you. They already trust you. #clientlove

There are a gazillion copy courses out there but ultimately it comes down to this:
You’re a human speaking to another human through the power of the internet.

When you give yourself a solid business foundation to operate from, when you have a clear methodology, a solid understanding of your people, and offers that align with your goals and your client needs, writing about it becomes much much easier. Because once you have these pieces in place, marketing becomes simple.

These are some of the things we sort out in a Brain Day: methodology, people, offers, copy. We make sure your actions make sense for your goals, your life, your constraints, and your gifts. A solid foundation.

That’s how you create a business you love.

I’m currently booking March and April Brain Days. If one of them might be yours, let’s hop on a call.

I got you, boo.