Last week, I hosted the inaugural Build Your Business Foundation event inside the Love & Badassery Facebook Group: Your Values, Your Magic. You can catch the replay any time you want.

Real quote from last week’s session:
​This has been GREAT! So much juicy work done in this short time!

I launched the BYBF series so that you have the opportunity to look at your structures, your systems, your foundation in a really accessible, hands-on, interactive way.

The idea behind these free sessions is that I’ve found most of my clients – heck, most entrepreneurs I know – are IDEA PEOPLE. We have so many ideas, such desire for growth, for new, for change, for betterment. This isn’t inherently a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s a pretty fab trait in a business owner. Where it can go south however, is when you want to ADD MORE THINGS! when you really need to be shoring up your business model, your structure, the not-so-sexy parts of your business.

When you have a strong business foundation, then you have the ability to grow and SUSTAIN that growth.

(tiny soapbox: growth not for growth sake but regenerative systems to fuel you, your service, and your community)

This Wednesday, inside the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club, we took the concept of running an aligned values-based business even further. We worked on the HOW of it all. How do you integrate your core values into your systems, your services, your contracts, your team…


Let’s say you have a strong value of Generosity. An obvious way you could show this value in action is by donating a portion of your proceeds to charity. But what happens if you aren’t earning enough to financially give back? Enter a cycle of guilt/shame/grossness OR you can figure out how to uphold those values in ways that support you and your business.

A value of Generosity in a business can also look like this:

⭐️ increase your fees to accommodate 1 pro-bono client every year
⭐️ change your work schedule to allow for an afternoon volunteering at a local community organization
⭐️ offer accessible (even customized) payment plans for clients
⭐️ share free content to your social media platforms
⭐️ thank you cards to clients and referral partners

When I talk about doing your business, your way, I’m not saying “fuck the rules, burn it all down” (although let’s be real, there is some of that). What I’m saying is there are ways that YOU can build a successful business YOU love. It’s not all Follow The Leader. It’s more fuck around and find out then double down on that magic.

Here’s to your beautiful heart.