Have you ever been in the position where you want to do renovations on your house or apartment and you start planning it out but then realize that there are cracks in that load-bearing wall…or the corner isn’t square…or if you attempt to do the thing you want to, you’d be opening a Pandora’s Box of renovations until you die? 

I hate to break it to you, but your business is like that too.

As entrepreneurs we LOVE the new thing. We are bursting with ideas of how we can help/serve our clients. We’re “what if” people. We see possibilities.

Where you can get into trouble with being a Possibilitarian is when you don’t have a solid foundation for growth. A solid foundation is integral if you want to grow. Because you can’t build a 3rd floor if your basement is crumbling. Or rather, you really really shouldn’t.

What do I mean by solid foundation?

  1. A deep understanding of your methodology. How do you get your people from where they are to where they want to be? Even when it’s custom.
  2. An ideal client you know for certain wants and needs your magic…and can pay for it.
  3. Offers that match all of the above and give you financial room to be generous with your people.
  4. Copy and a bio that represents who you are and resonates with your right people so that the sales conversation starts well before you ever hop on a call.

4 things.

From there, you can build out a content strategy that makes sense because you already know what you’re talking about. You can decide whether or not “this new masterclass idea” is a good fit for you. You can hop into a sales call confident and ready to show receipts. You can send pitches and proposals like a freaking boss. You can even shrug off the people who say no because you know it’s not you.

This is your solid foundation.

Now, if you’re looking at that list thinking “well, shitfuckdamn, I don’t have all of those“, you’re not alone. This is really, really common…because entrepreneurs love shiny new ideas. We see the future, the possibilities, the amazing opportunities…and we sometimes forget to build in the structure we need to last a long time.

Being a “What If” person isn’t the problem. That’s part of the magic, right? We just need to make sure that the stability is there so that your business can grow and flourish – and you can handle it when it happens.

In the meantime, be good to yourself. Progress over perfect.