A long time ago, I was walking through the forest at this hippie festival in Eastern Ontario. It was night and the forest was quiet. I could hear the offbeat coalescing of different bands from stages set around the forest. I felt safe and happy…and for the sake of your understanding of the story, quite sober.

A woman I didn’t know walked past me and smiled. She said, “hi Pisces“. 

Everything stopped in that moment. 
How the fuck could this rando know when I was born?! 

Later that night, I saw her talking to an acquaintance and I took this as my chance. I walked over with a lump in my throat and said, “ummm hi ummmm sooooo how did you know I’m a Pisces?” to which she laughed and said, “oh honey, it’s written all over you!

She proceeded to take out her ephemeris (aka fancy astrology book) and started asking me questions. Honestly, if I hadn’t believed in astrology before, this person convinced me…but at least one thing stuck out from that night. 

She said, “wow, you’re a Pisces sun, Gemini rising; do you sometimes feel like you’re 4 people in 1?” and I did not die right there on the spot but it was a close call. 

The fact is, it’s true. I’ve always had a hard time making decisions for myself. Not advising other people – that’s always clear. Not the big decisions in my life either – I know those. I get stuck on “this or that word for my newsletter subject line” or “this image or that image” or “chicken or pizza for dinner”.


Micro-decisions are often the ones most likely to hold us back (in life and in business). They’re the ones we chase our tails about. Because they’re small, we have a hard time seeing them clearly. Because they’re ours, we’re often too close to discern. We either inflate their importance and become stagnant or we dismiss their importance and leap without thinking it through. This or that. 

You make thousands of micro-decisions for your business every year. Post today or tomorrow? This topic or that topic? Do I rewrite my bio or send my old one? How do I respond to this particular client? Do I launch now or later? This or that.  

When you’re running the show, it often feels like you’re responsible for everything. Truth: you are and also, there are ways to make that responsibility feel easier.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, whether you’re a Pisces/Gemini or not, whether you’re “pretty good at making decisions” or not, your business needs you to stay in action. Action with proper rest. Action with sufficient breaks. Action, even imperfect action, toward your goals. Without the right resources, micro-decisions have the ability to keep you out of that integral action. 

How do you stay in action even through the smaller stuff? 
You find the resources you need, when you need them, and the accountability to keep you motivated. Best when those resources are at your fingertips, or you have people you can ask, even if you’re going solo on this journey. 

Find the resources YOU need. Not another curriculum or formula but the answers to your questions as they arise. 

If this resonates with you, check out The Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club. It’s designed specifically to keep you in action through the micro-decisions and the bigger stuff: action for your business, in your way, at your pace.