Have you ever had a relationship where you knew you needed to create stronger boundaries but didn’t know how because you didn’t want to lose them? 

I know I have. I can think of at least 3 romantic relationships and a good few business relationships where I could’ve maintained better boundaries : for myself and those people.

Leaky boundaries are incredibly common, especially in young love and young business. 

Here’s the thing though. I think leaky boundaries are a fairly natural response to being human.

It’s human nature to want to be liked. We want to be asked, invited, and celebrated. We want to be wanted. With regard to marketing, that makes it even more difficult to reach out, to become visible, to ask for the sale. And it makes it even more difficult to shut down scope creep, say no to a client, and establish boundaries that support you as a business owner.

Last week the Motorcycle Club had our Reflect & Celebrate call. This gives us an opportunity to connect to our businesses: to anchor into our progress, our tribulations, and our achievements instead of floating along from one wave to the next. Through the Motorcycle Club, we guide ourselves and our businesses with intention. 

Because when we can see our whole trajectory (or at the very least our aligned direction), it makes it far easier to create self-boundaries. 

What needs to get done next that will benefit the business the most? 
What response would be the most caring to myself and this client? 
What policies do I need to put in place so that this doesn’t happen again? 
What am I letting go of? 
What am I leaning into? 

By resolving these in yourself, setting boundaries with that problem client becomes much much easier. Because you’re clear on your own. 

The conversation may still be uncomfortable but the practice of supporting your whole self will be worth it.