I’m on deep holidays this week and I’m sneaking away from my commitment to my couch to write to you (always breaking rules, even my own).

You see, I’ve been thinking about the power of rest. This is something we speak about a lot in the Love & Badassery Motorcycle Club: creating margin in your life for renewal. What margin looks like is very personal but the premise is the same. When you give yourself a chance to rest and recharge, you also give your brain a chance to consider new things, new ideas, new possibilities. Creativity is strongest when we’re in a safe place to feel and think and BE.

This is partly why we entrepreneurs find ourselves pondering genius ideas for our businesses when we’re supposed to be resting.


So before I head back to my couch, I have a few thoughts for you:

⭐️ Find your margin, even if it’s in one minute segments.

⭐️ Write down your big ideas. Not every single one needs to be addressed, right now or ever.​

⭐️ If you’re in planning mode, remember to book in your holidays first…or you won’t ever get to them.

⭐️ Be gentle with your expectations. You can achieve great things…but only if you don’t overwhelm yourself with your high standards of achievement.​

⭐️ Your magic is worth sharing. Tell everyone, especially on the days you want to introvert away from the world. One post at a time. Invite us in.


Wishing you ease and health and wealth this season and always,