“Why can’t it be simple?”

tl;dr: it can be. Sorta.

One of the reasons I’m so anti-hustle / bro-marketing (one reason of many) is that it’s victim shaming: if their formula doesn’t work for you, then it’s your fault…not the fault of the formula.

One of the reasons I love permaculture design so much is that it’s agile, responsive, and iterative all while being based on what’s actually happening on the ground.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in big bad feelings: like you’re stuck or plateaued, like you’re ready to burn it down, like you’re “doing it wrong”…when all that needs to happen is to shore up your business foundations (aka create a good business design that works for you…and then work/iterate the plan).

I say “all that needs to happen” because it’s a simple solution. I know it’s not always easy to implement. There are obstacles and hard work along the way. But with an agile design, you have more freedom to iterate, change things up, and take breaks when you need to.

So when you hear me talking about your methodology, this is why. You need to know how you get your people from where they are to your incredible results. Once you know that, you’ve acquired a deeper understanding of their journey, obvious points along the way for aligned services, ideas for your content marketing, and language to connect with them.

When you hear me talking about knowing your client, this is why. Understanding how your audience shows up in the world, who they are, what they struggle with, and how they talk about it gives you insight into how to communicate with them respectfully and genuinely.

When you hear me speaking about aligned services, it’s because it’s easy to make things your people don’t need (because you’re a brilliant, idea generator) or offers they do need but burn you out (because you care about creating a positive impact and might not be paying yourself accordingly).

Finally, when you hear me speaking about brand voice, it’s so you can bring it all together, connect with your right people in a way that supports your values, reach your audience online and in-person, lean into your voice on days you just don’t wanna, and feel confident about right fit during consultation calls.

methodology · ideal client · aligned services · brand voice
These are your business foundations.

They’re the integral elements of a regenerative business design. A design that can help you grow, adapt to change, and feel secure in your practice…without compromising your values or listening one second more to those bros (even the glitter ones with princess hair and fluffy pillows).

4 elements. Simple right?

If you’ve been feeling icky about your business, chances are you need to shore up those foundations. If you’ve felt not quite ready for the Motorcycle Club but still not so happy with how it’s going, I’ve got something for you.

Foundations Prep School is a 7-week program with live, interactive workshop sessions on each of the 4 elements, hotseat coaching for deep integration, and a chance to connect with other values-based entrepreneurs in the same boat.

You can design a business that will help you thrive – for your life, your circumstances, your nuanced approach, with your freaking rules.

Check out the Foundations Prep School pdf with all the details and links to register. Of course, if you have any questions, I’m always here for them.

Your business, your way. Simple.