If you’ve been around here for a hot minute, you know that I’ll tell you how it is : behind the scenes and in front of them. The last couple of years, I’ve been exploring my neurodiversity and it’s been enlightening, self-forgiving, and it’s given me a new perspective on running my business with my brain, not against it. I’ve been integrating the thing I’ve been telling you all along : you can be you in your business…and still do business well.

Whether you’re ND, an introvert, social but shy, multi-passionate, a rebel, or a beautiful combination of all of the above, this remains true.

For us, “get out there and hustle” rings alarm bells. Another template or formula (when so many others have failed) will only provide the dreaded trifecta of frustration, anxiety, and burn-it-down despair.

I want to be very clear about this:

If the tactics aren’t working, it’s a problem with the tactics. Not you. Not you. Not you.

If the tactics aren’t working, then we need to shift the questions you’re asking to find an answer that will work (for your brain, your personality, your business, your circumstances, etc.).

⭐️ TRY THIS ⭐️

Instead of asking “how do I run my business better?”, ask yourself “what circumstances do I (and my brain) need to thrive?”

Instead of asking “how do I do marketing?”, ask yourself “what helps me feel safe, excited, playful, or curious that also connects me with my people?”

Instead of asking “what services should I offer?”, ask yourself “where do my skills and capacity overlap with what my people need?”

In a world where we’re expected to follow the rules toward success, many of us find ourselves with a map we can’t follow <insert rant about capitalism here>.

Remember, the problem isn’t you. The solution is.

You – with your different brain, your different way of being, your different ideas. You – with your hopes and dreams and possibilities. You.

Write your own definition of success. Draw your own freaking map. Make room for all of you to thrive, in your way.

I have 1 Spark Intensive available at the end of April and 1 at the end of May. Jump on a call with me (your favourite business cartographer) to find out if a Spark Intensive is the right next action for you.

From my brain to yours 💛